Nordheimer DLC please? MORE VIKING!

I adore the Nordheimer races, would love to see a DLC pack revolving around the two!
The Aesir and Vanir.

Build Pieces:

  • New building pieces for the northern regions, strong carved spruce pieces, roofs being a thatch wood mix maybe (yes I know the frontier pack is carved but the outer armoured tile doesn’t look very pleasing).


  • Would love to see more banners like a Ymir one.
  • Tables and benches with nordheim style carvings, runes, Ymir, Atali.
  • Nordheimer style throne


  • More nord looking shields.
  • Axes.
  • Maces.


  • More Nordheimer themed armour pieces with rune embossments on the chests providing froze resistance.

Religious Ymir Emote:

  • Raising a right fist to your chest or thumbing your right fist of your chest.

Hair & Tattoos:

  • More braided/ beaded hair styles.
  • Rune tattoos.
  • Ymir tattoo.
  • Atali tattoo.


  • Tameable Mammoth used as pack animal

Few more things outside the DLC I’d love to see:

  • Planceable foliage decor, trees, bushes, plants, climbable vines.
  • Lion Mob.
  • Vulture Mob.
  • Easier way to remove mob spawns from an area if needed.
  • A northern NPC settlement.
  • Cape/Cloaks with added slot.
  • Dual wield swords.
  • Being able to set alliances with other clans mechanic e.g: Alliance chat, do less damage to members, on/off options to allow building, opening chests on each others territory.
  • Another sitting emote, would rather my female wasn’t sitting with her legs spread :smiley: maybe with the legs folded to the side and propping themselves up on one hand?
  • Fixing the crossarms emote so you sway when walking in this pose.

Edit: Just to make it clear I do know there are no such things as Vikings in the Conan Universe, however it is the closest IRL type reference I can give to mirror the same building styles, armor styles etc.

But yeah! Would just really like to see some Nordheimer love! Can’t stop playing this game currently sitting at 799 hrs played and I have no intention on stopping anytime soon! :smiley:

What would you like to see?!


I definitely agree. Some Nordheimer love would be highly appreciated, maybe even add some proper Nordheimer warpaints or tattoo-like warpaints, new hairstyles, and so onwards!


But but i want a cimmerian dlc conans tribe needs more love too .
But nice idee:ok_hand:


Cimmerian is part of the Nordheimer area :smiley: so love for all NORDHEIMERS!


“DLC pack revolving around the three!
The Aesir, Vanir and Cimmerian.”


I think to gain more traction you need to use the word Viking, or Norseman. As that’s waht the Nordheimer are based on. However, I agree. Heavily.
But, since we don’t have these assets, what I do in place of them is
use Pictish armors (specifically the Brave (wolf) armor) mixed with Heavy Vanir to simulate a Viking Beserker outfit, that and I use Frontier building pieces where the Inner-Face is exposed to the outside, while the outter-face is imposed on the inside, giving off a Vikingish vibe, especially with the Staircases, Pillars, and Frames, which have small carvings and details on them.

Of course, it’s not viking, or “Swedish/Norweigen/Finnish” carvings, but they do the job…
This post needs more attention.


There we go, edited the title :smiley:

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Been wanting a DLC that provides more for those of us that play characters that come from the north. Something more then insulated wood and vanir style armor

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In case you don’t ever get your chance at this amazing idea for a DLC, just do this. It’s as close to Viking as you can get, and it feels pretty damn good too.

It’s based LOOSELY on this


The Great Mead Hall of Úlfurheim!
But would still love more Viking-esk styles :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks pretty good, but not a huge fan of the open wall. Viking halls were usually pretty tightly. But the concept is nice.

It’s not going to happen until next year, if they continue making more DLC beyond this year. The Season 2 is already established, if you didn’t already know.

• Treasures of Turan Pack (out now)
• Riders of Hyboria Pack
• Blood and Sand Pack
• Mysteries of Acheron Pack

So we are getting Hyborian, Acheronian, and I’m not entirely sure what fits the Blood and Sand one. Could possibly be Darfari, I suppose.

So, best case we’ll have to wait a while for it. Though I can agree, definitely want viking stuff.

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Plans can be changed…

What we need, now. Is a Viking DLC.
A Telith DLC, named “Telith’s Legacy”
And a DLC based on the Acherions, which we have coming… That is it for now, and honestly. All we need.

iam aware noone of this happend this year, as dlcs were annouced as part of year 2 pack

Also, just to point out, Nordheimer is already a playable race in the character select screen. If you want to play Aesir give your Nordheimer yellow hair. Otherwise give them red hair and you can call yourself a Vanir.

Seems highly doubtful they are going to give us a race as DLC, when that race is already playable in game.

Not likely, no. They’ve already specifically chosen what DLC they are going to be working towards, and the order.Why would they change those plans to replace one of the four already selected, with a Nordheimer specific one, because a subset of players wishes it?

You could have an equal sized subset of players who want the Acheronian one, another may want the Hyborian one, etc.

Essentially, everyone has to wait their turn, so to speak.

With ENOUGH community demand/outrage, anything can change…
Just because they’ve said “Well, SORRY GUYS…BUT WE CAN’T DO THIS, SORRY…DURRRRR”
Doesn’t mean it’s true… Other developers have said the exact same s##t, and things have changed because the community wanted different.

I am sure I am not the only one who couldn’t give 1 less f##k about the Darfari, as they’re a pretty boring and useless Faction already… So adding onto them would be, in my opinion. Pointless.
And I can promise you right now that not that many people gave a s##t about Turan, because I have still yet to meet 5 people with that DLC… (Because it’s awful)

All I am saying, is that more people probably want DLC focused on Vikings, than DLC focused on some crappy african canbal tribe that lives in a desert… Okay? A majority of players play in the Jungle, Forest, and Savanaah areas, everyone hates the desert/tropical part of the map where the Darfari is… It’s just a pain in the A$$ to do anything in that reign… Hardly any resources, no Star Metal, hardly any real worth a s##t dungeons, and barely any high level NPC’s to take as Thralls…

Sure, with the addition of a Darfari DLC, maybe that would change… But I highly doubt it, in all honesty “Blood and Sand” will likely be located somewhere near the Black Galleon, or maybe even the Darfari Cannibal capital “The Summoning Place”…


Please consider this an emphatic and resounding YES PLEASE from me! I have a great love of Viking style and Norse mythology. Some Northern style weapons and decorations would compliament my Cimmerian conquerer themed home nicely. Thanks for suggesting this IrishRaven.


By Ymir and his daughter’s alabaster breasts, I have so many I would like to say but I will just say this…

SKÅL!!! :beers:


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That’ll make that Mead Hall all the more glorious. Especially with some nice Viking shields and armour adorning the walls.