Add Aesir faction

Right now we only have the red haired vanir subsection of Nordheimers in game, I’d like to see the blonde haired Aesir added in(maybe the frozen north?) with new armor.


I’d certainly like to see this in game. Though I’m not as optimistic when there are other main groups that could likely be added.

Still, dug this up for a skim-read and linking it for anyone else who’d like to read up.

Could already envision the three levels of armor from the one list there. Light armor for the Oxmen, Medium armor for the Hirdmen, and Heavy armor for Huscarls.


Well, anything that adds more viking skull crushing goodness to this game gets an auto up-vote from me!
Now where did I put my mead horn…

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as a pagan in rl and a blond nordhiemer in game i totaly behind this idea…

may we crush the vanier scums and drink from their skulls and wear their beards on our feet as warm slippers!



there is told that in new asgard live both of nordheimers together /surprisingly/
idk if there missing blonde ones, maybe they are just bald

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I did 4-5 runs through there a couple days ago and I only found red heads. :thinking:

new asgard and their sandstone furnaces are an eye sour…
anyone alse share this feeling?..

also maybe a small port town made by zingaran sailors and traders in the jungle area sea where theres a market with coming and going non exiled merchant boats with npc vendors (assuming non exiled ppl can pass freely the magic barrier in and out)

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