Nordheimer DLC please? MORE VIKING!

This thread makes me wanna jump into my boat for a surprise visitt to England, but alas, i am lazy and will settle for a “altilagi” for those who played AoE.


To substitute Viking Shields, I use the new Wooden Targe, which is actually pretty decent… Just no color.

Yeah Im partial to the Wooden Targe myself. Its got a great design, and looks more brutal than many of the other shields.

It’s pretty good, very useful for a rather speedy character build.

Just strikes me as somewhat ridiculous that there is “demand/outrage” because they aren’t working on a Norse DLC fast enough to suit you.

To me it comes across as the very definition of entitled.

What proofs have you there’s a Darfari DLC coming ? The title Blood and Sand fits Stygian a lot better than Darfari. especially since Stygia have a true building style in Conan’s world, while Darfari land doesn’t and isn’t a desert but more savanna and jungle. And we already have Darafari weapons, armour banners and some placeable in the game. What would a DLC bring more on the subject ?

Was going to say the exact same thing, I think blood and sands will be a Stygian dlc as Darfari live in tents so unless they bring out a host of tents and pavilions in that dlc it would just be new weapons and armour but even then Darfari don’t wear much in the way armour so would be odd seeing them in anything other than whats in game already. (maybe a bone armour would be fitting but don’t ever remember seeing any reference to armoured Darfari)

To answer ALL of your question(s)
It was Crysis, who suggested that BaS would be a Darfari DLC, not me… But who would even want a Stygian DLC? Both sound like s##t I don’t know. I don’t care that much though. And to answer YOUR question, Crysis. I am not saying It SHOULD be added, I am saying it’s a better choice to go with Viking over Darfari of Stygian.

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Plus, you all do realize that the DLC’s don’t HAVE to be based on the Conan universe, right? For example the Pictish, they aren’t a Conan Universe idea, nor are the Khitan… Or Cimmerians…

Cimmerians not being a Conan THE CIMMERIAN universe idea ? Are you sure about that ?

a few things.

First Nordheimers are not Vikings. Remember Conan Exiles is a Conan Based game. Conan is from the Hyborian Age (sp) which is about 10-17,000 years before the “Viking” age.

The Northern Build set is already fairly Nordic in styling. My primary industrial building in SP is a very efficient Long house design with 5 furnaces, 5 Blacksmiths, 2 carpenters, a Tanner, cook, multiple presses, drying racks, preservation boxes, storage, alchemy stations, and 5 wheels of pain all in the one structure modelled loosely of a long house. It’s been the design I’ve used for a long time. Based on the pieces we have you’d be looking for Sod roofing, and a reskin. You already have a Nordheim armor set, Weapons, the Cimmerian set which is even more “viking” and the insulated wood set is fairly Norse.

The Picts in the Conan Universe are not Caledonians but more a Combo of Picts with North American First Nations which is from the Howard stories. As are Cimmerians, and Khitans these are all from the Conan/Krull Meta. So yes CE DLC should really come from the Meta of the universe. Just about everything in the game currently is from the Meta. Including the Exile Lands. They are telling their own story but even that story is from the Meta with some liberties.

As with many names Howard used names but the way there were used was very different as he played with the idea of rediscovery and lost knowledge. The Hyboriean age is a Pre History period (I’ll get the spelling one day) is pre Egyptian Dynasties by as much as the Egyptian Dynasties are Pre modern era. The Period of Krull was even further back. There were concepts of Devolution and revolution. Lumerians is a concept taken from speculative science of the 19th century that has been proven wrong.

Over all Nordheimer while interesting is the least needed as any set would be more of a cash grab than the current ones.

I’d rather see a “Official” building expansion that does some of the things the Pythagoras mod does. To allow building well. Like putting pillars on corners. Or fix the clothing physics for character models not at default… it’s only been two years and is a game feature that is still broken as far as I know.

Nordheimer is I’m sorry the least interesting as there are options for it already in the game.

Cimmeria is not part of the Nordheim region. It is south of Asgard and is a totally separate region. Nordheimer of Asgard and Cimmerians war with each other.

Please please pleeeease make a Nordheimer DLC!! Funcom hear our prayers!! :pray:


Just can’t stop laughing that Cimmerians aren’t a part of Conan the Cimmerian.

The only thing I could think of as being more humorous would be to say “Barbarians aren’t a part of Conan!”.

Take a history class, Kiddo.
Cimmerians were a real historical entity before any thing we know now existed… Smart ■■■…

You really don’t seem to know a thing about Conan at all, do you?

The original stuff was literally called, Conan the Cimmerian. And you are honestly trying to tell us that Cimmerians don’t belong in it? Simply put, that has to be the lamest argument I’ve ever seen.

The original creator of Conan used real world races to help create the ones in his series. Who are you to come in now and tell us what should or should not be in this game?

You argument further degrades into foolishness when you say we are “whining” that vikings should not be included.

First and foremost, learn about the lore of the game. Aesir and Vanir, the Nordheimers, are already IN the game and perfectly playable. Nobody has disputed this.

What is disputed is the devs have already told us what we are receiving for Year 2 DLC, and Nordheimers are not included.

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Wow, you’re taking me out of context…
I literally said, that Cimmerians existed BEFORE Conan…
Romans existed AFTER Cimmerians died out… So it makes no G-damn sense to have Romans and Cimmerians in the same time period… That’s my point… So if you’re okay with Romans and Cimmerians existing in the same TIME PERIOD (even though they realistically existed 200+ years apart) then you should be perfectly fine with Vikings existing… Because it’s no ■■■■■■■■ different, that’s my point…

But go ahead, strawman… Take me out of content, have no etiquette of history what so ever.
Even though you’re playing a Historical game, whatever.

Also, you need to understand that Vanir and Aesir are not Vikings… They’re viking mythological figures… Gods… The Norsemen were the Humans, the Vikings… Why do you think the Nordheimers have a capital named New Asgard? Why do you think you can meet, kill, and capture thralls named Frigga, Froya, and more?

The Aesir and Vanir are NOT vikings, they’re vikings religious figures…
F##K I hate explaining my own culture.

It honestly confuses me as to why you are considering this a historical game.

You…do understand that Conan is a fictional fantasy setting that was created by an author. Don’t you? None of this is real. It was never real.

This did not happen in our past. The author used real world races to create a fantasy setting.

Romans do not exist because this is fantasy. The Aquilonians were created based off the Romans as an example.
Vikings do not exist because this is fantasy. The Nordheimer were created based off the Vikings as an example.

You need to understand that in the real world, the Aesir and Vanir are Viking god figures. But again, this is a fantasy setting. So the author used Aesir and Vanir as the names of the Nordheimer peoples.

I’m sure you know a lot about Viking culture, that’s just all well and good. The embarrassing part of your posting is the fact that you do not seem to understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

My god, the fact that you find no historical resemblance in this game shows me just how ignorant you are… If you’re so uncultured that you can’t actually notice the real world depictions and references, I have no point in continuing a conversation with you… You ignored all of my points.