Nordheimer DLC please? MORE VIKING!

I understand perfectly.

The author used real world things to flesh out his fantasy world setting.

You seem to be treating it as true real world history. And using that as some form of argument that the Aquilonians are really Romans, and as such are not allowed to exist in his setting because the Romans and Cimmerians are from different time periods.

It has nothing to do with being uncultured or cultured. You are just vastly wrong because once more, this is Howard’s creation. Regardless of how much he took from the real world to make it, this is a fantasy setting. It does not exist in the real world.

There was no real world barbarian named Conan the Cimmerian in our history. He is a fictional character.

They are not Romans. They were never Romans. They will never be Romans.
They have always been Aquilonians. They do not exist in the real world as they are created in the world of Conan.

So again, this is not a historical game. A historical game has some basis in reality.

If you wish to argue with me how the events of any Conan story, game, or movie actually took place, by all means go ahead. It isn’t going to change anything, but it would surely be amusing to watch you try.

Let me try to explain, nicely…

Have you ever played a game, like Conan… Where you get to create a character, name them… And choose their, ■■■, Race, and Religion?..Yes, right?
Okay, then you understand, that 9 times out of 10, you make that character like you… Same height, same eye color, same skin color, same penis/breast size, and same hair style… You try to make your character exactly as you are…

Boom, you’re now in Conan, the Barbarian…
This is your tale, your story.
It’s not real, it’s not real life, and the game is fictional, the characters aren’t real, and the period is imaginary… However, choices you make, have an effect. You build a base? That triggers people to want to attack it. You kill someone? That envokes rage upon their allies. You help someone? That instils a sense of trust within them…

We build our bases, the way we wish… Most of us build our bases to symbolize our cultures… Japanese and other Asian/Korean peoples will often leans toward the Yamatai and Khitan building types, weapons, and armors. White Europeans, Americans, and white people in general, will usually build in Aquil, Picitish, or Insulatd types, and use those weapons. Black people will often associate with Turan, Stygian, Darfari, K###ite, and other darker skinned races… They’ll also build in those ways… same as all of us. We have a cultural connection to what we do, no matter what. How we eat, talk, walk, act, and look… It even applies to video games.

So when I say what I say, I don’t mean I believe that the world of Conan is REALITY… What I mean is that I draw meaning, from this fictional Universe, into reality… Look at Star Wars, the CIS (Confederacy) was a resemblance of the American Confederacy, during the Civil war… George Lucas took inspiration. Howard took inspiration from the real world and applied it to Conan

I, and you… And other, can take inspiration from the real world, or Conan. And apply it to Conan, or the real world. Because if you have one great experience with someone in-game, who is a great, kind, nice person. You’ll probably feel great for a couple of hours after, because they left an impact on you. And if you were happy when you entered the game, and someone met you. You could leave an impact on them…

Inspiration… It’s all about INSPIRATION… Okay? my friend, that is all it is…
A lot of people use this game as an alternative, as an escape (because all games are a form of escapism) because we want to get away from REAL LIFE and build and do something we can’t in real life… I mean could you build an Army of thralls and a giant castle in real life? No, of course not. So you come to this game to do it, and you style that castle in a Japanese way, and you call it “Tokugawa” castle, on honor of your ancestor, “Tokugawa Ieyasu”… You don’t do it because you believe it’s real, you do it because it is realistic, and it is based in reality, from the plants, to the building pieces… From the animals, such as the lions, and shoebills, all the way to the weapons, like the Naginata… It is based on YOUR culture… YOUR heritage… So you feel connected, and wish to build upon it. Why do you think we wish to build Viking style things? It’s in our blood, our history, our desire…

Some people may go Japanese, others Chinese, others Viking, and other African… It’s because we connect to it… Not because we have a sever mental disorder where we cannot tell the difference between the two, but because in reality, we have no way of becoming a Viking Beserker… Or a Japanese Samurai… Or a Roman Centurion… So we escape to a game that allows it… Do you understand? Because if not… That is ENTIRELY your problem, not mine…

I’m done, I made my point. GG

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Oh I perfectly understand.

What I’m trying to understand is why you seem to think that the real world timeline of history, has any basis at all in the Conan setting.

You seem to understand that the author created his world using names and such from the real world. But you don’t seem to be able to draw the line between the real world and the fictional world.

Viking stuff is in your history, and that is all well and good. But you have to accept the fact that in this setting, the Nordheimer race ARE the only vikings there are, and as such you want the DLC to build like them.

Nobody is disputing that we will get a Nordheimer DLC. It’s going to happen. The problem is the four racial DLCs have already been established for Year 2, and they are devoting their time and energy to that.

It’s not exactly fair for you to demand the race that is closely linked to your racial heritage to be put into the game before everyone elses. How is that fair to anyone else? Not everyone has a viking heritage.

Those playing the game and calling themselves Chinese, or Japanese, or even African, are not really playing the game. Because they do not exist in the game, as they do in the real world.

A Chinese player could create a Khitan to play.
A Japanese player would go for Yamatai, though I’m not sure that one is playable, I’ve only chosen Nordheimer myself.

But your concept of time, while accurate in the real world, is inaccurate in the fantasy world. All of these races can and do exist in the same time period. At least in the context of anything related to Conan.

I’m sure eventually a Nordheimer DLC will be released. But if you expect more in it than any of the other racial DLCs, you are likely going to be mistaken. There will be building pieces, sets of light/medium/heavy armor, maybe a few weapons, some warpaints, and either the pets or the placeables.

To demand they add races for Aesir and Vanir, let’s be realistic here. Nordheimer is already a race. One is blond, the other red-headed. You can already make your Aesir or Vanir characters. This is why Nordheimer was added in the first place.

I mean, this is from the game wiki itself.

The yellow-haired Aesir and red-haired Vanir are the pale-skinned, blue-eyed race who rule the kingdoms north of Cimmeria. Known for being wayward and fierce, they use their powerful builds and brute strength to overwhelm their enemies in battle.

There is even a picture near the bottom of a Vanir sketch. Can’t really say that it isn’t a Viking.

I have no once said my desires should be or are more important than anyone elses, what I am saying is that, honestly. More people want DLC to build on the north then they do on the Desert reigns… That, and yes… You managed to show me a picture of Conan Exils version of a Viking… That has horns… Bravo.
Imma just give up while I am ahead, it’s not worth anymore mental breath.

I’m sure a lot of people do. Which is why Nordheimer is likely to be the first of the Season 3 DLC packs available. Just that it’s unreasonable to expect them to change out what they are already working on, to put it into Year 2.

And yes, the picture is of a man with a horned helm, which is what most people think when they think of Viking. Probably not nearly as ornate as his helm appears to be. But a horned helm nonetheless.

(What most people think is clearly wrong…)

It doesn’t matter whether it’s historically accurate or not.

Perception is everything. And the majority of people in the world who view Vikings from pop culture references, are going to view vikings as big burly men with braids in their beards, wielding large axes and swords, dressed in furs, with horned helms.

You aren’t going to change that fact.

It’s exactly the same reason why dwarves are perceived in largely the same way, albeit much shorter.

Or why elves are viewed as tall limber beings of the forest with keen skills with a bow.

Call it a stereotype if you want. But that is how the world is.

You can’t be that dense.

The names are the same but the Picts, Cimmerians and the Khitans in the Robert E Howard Conan meta are 10,000 years before the real world peoples part of a theme of repeat development. The idea that the names are taken by later people or used by later peoples (as Picts aren’t a culture they are a name assigned to a culture by others. They called themselves something totally different… much like Vikings which is meant to be offensive term for Norse peoples as it means Pirate)

Try to look some of this up.

Whatever, kiddo.
It’s kind of you who needs to look some things up, I’m not the one who thinks Cimmerians are fairy tale.

Also, cute. Flagging my post, real mature…
This is the internet, if you can’t handle an argument/debate, don’t get involved. No point in trying to censor over people, only makes you look bad.
P.S. I am ignoring anything else either of you blurt out… It’s not worth my attention if you’re going to mislabel, strawman, and alter what I say. You yourself, Kazi, should know for a fact that I’m not Dense, considering I literally explained my entire point and stance, but you ignored that probably. Peace out, drags.

I very much doubt the licence agreement between Funcom and whoever holds the licence to Conan would allow Funcom to add anything that wasn’t from the Conan universe, this can be seen with other ip’s like Star wars and Lord of the rings.

So far all dlc have been based on Howard’s original works or the expanded Conan universe.

Didn’t flag your post.

You are obviously a troll but I don’t care nearly enough to flag your post.

Thank you for supporting it! The more people speak up to what it is they would like to see the more likely the Dev’s may listen!


SKÅL! :beers: :metal:

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Reading over a few of the comments I decided to edit my original post just to filter and clear some things up, this is a brilliant game with so much potential and with the help of the community I’m hoping to see the Dev’s take notice.

While the comments are very interesting and spark more ideas for debates on different subjects, this is not the place to do so. I respect all of the opinions and hope to see more people creating threads on the different idea’s they have and please! Link them so I can at least show support on my end!

What was originally intended for this post is to see what people might like to see added or not added, lets keep this friendly and continue that way :heart:

Thank you all for reading, commenting and supporting the idea!


Splendid observations.

Anyone else got input they would love to see if a Nordheimer DLC was on the bench for creating?

If they make that dlc. I would like to see some new rugs. Actual animal skins so I can have a proper bear rug. Not my idea. Was a clan-mates but it sounded cool when she said it so placing it here in case a dev reads this.


But… they aren’t Vikings Though. They are germanic. Scandinavian and Germanic tribs share similar mythology.

Absolutely Halewood. We only have the one fur rug, and I would love to see some vaiety in them. This would present a good use for some of the many animal pelts, a number of which have no actual use beyond hides and leather/tar production. For example, nice furry Bear pelt rug, a sleek leather Bat skin rug, a nice spotted Hyena pelt rug, a Crocodile skin rug, and so on. Does anyone else agree?