Thralls ratio possible?

Is it possible to adjust the ratio of appearance of thralls men / women?

Please explain further.

zerog you are completely right

I spent 4 hours looking for a female T3 or T4 thrall and couldn’t get any. There’s something wrong

Sinners Refuge, two T4 females commonly spawn in that cave. They aren’t good, but they are T4 females. :joy:

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TBH your best bet and what I run with is Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker, they spawn random gen females, they are in my opinion the best looking female you can run with, and have the best stats.

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But I want to increase the number of female thralls in the game and not just be hostage to a certain area

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I absolutely back this 100%, not just for females, but all thralls to be honest. I’m a huge advocate of named/unique thralls. :heart_eyes::slight_smile:

Just wanted to give you some suggestions as well, until they do add more.

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There are several mods that change the spawning ratios of men to women.

Doesnt change the fact, that there are no real high-end female fighters. Only archers (volcano and Sepermeru) and the Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers, which I am not so much of a fan, because of their generic names.

Cimmerian Berserker can be female and is not that much weaker than Volcano or Sepermeru and Dalinsia Snowhunter the same.

We used to have three good female options, the Sherpa/Bearer females at the time were amaze. But unfortunately no more. I had to trade in my lovely male Bearer for my, (It’s more of a title then a name, I love the title) female Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker. I like the concept of the “titled” thrall, and the diversity in appearance they have. I can farm for what I personally find ascetically pleasing because they don’t have a semi set appearance.

This is the main reason why I was so sad when they made the bandit leaders untameable cuss there was a high spawn rate for female ones. Thankfully I got a few …chests full lol
Currently there’s not many female fighters in the game n there should be more variety as well not just dalinsia n the weak ones from the south. To me relic hunter n berserkers r generic not unique named thralls like dalinsia n there should be more unique female named fighters

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And I also know the reason, why many use the female Cimmerian Berseker… She has huge assets :smiley: :smiley:

This is also a big disappointment with T4 female dancers… Many <T4 have better assets. But then again, I just put them on beds to dance :smiley:

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