Female T4 fighters!

there is a lot of new T4 fighters that have been introduced, from exiles faction. they spawn in starter area and in the jungle.

But all those fighters are total crap, and it’s a shame, because they offer a lot of diversity and have really cool name. IE they have the most beautiful fighters female characters.

So for those of us who like to fight side by side with a beautifull woman, can you consider to make them spawn in different level, i mean give a probabily at spawn of their feature. ie Anna the reaver can spawn based on probability at 1200 hp 3600 hp but also 7200hp. this will give us the opportunity to have those lovely female fighters with great name becoming our real companion for every fight, and for life if we are good enough to survive.

Because in actual state of the game you can only have a fighter man character from volcano. In the past Vathis the heriophant was able to spawn as female fighter and it give us ability to have top female fighter thrall as companion;;; but vathis has been… well we wll avoid the subject. but now as female character you can only have an archer at volcano, and after it’s dalinda, and that all…

i think it will be interesting to add diversity to be able to run the map with anna the reaver, ciria the mad, but having them as strong that a T4 volcano fighters, who are only male…so can be may be interesting to have them spawn, based on probability,as level 1, level 2, level 3 untill the level of volcano thralls.

because actually with their very low hitpoint they are worthless and take as many time that the best fighter thrall on the wheel of pan.

Just go and catch some Relic Hunters Treasure Seekers. They spawn of both genders and are easier to get then Volcano Thralls. Spawning 7200 HP Thralls near the Noob river is a very-very bad idea for low-lvl players.


but their names are not as good the one you will find in exilesfaction; may be more than 15 thralls with unique name; all craps; but with killer name

and go to see their look !

I pretty much agree with this. Same with other t4 fighters.

One thing I have noticed is the spawn rate for female NPC’s seems to be lower than male, even if you manually spawn a certain class you will most likely get a male, I have manually spawned (through the admin panel) a dozen NPC’s trying to get a female NPC of a certain faction. It would be nice if they divided the gender in the admin panel: Exile male fighter 3 or Exile Female fighter 3, for example.

I sort of think they should attempt to “standardize” the difficulty of T4 NPCs… or perhaps have the strength of thralls level with the tier of wheel/food used? a exile T4 could be equal to a T4 nordheimer thrall if trained the same way (food preference and top tier wheel)

Or just add a radio button for the gender.

there is something very interesting in your second suggestion. depending of wheel of pain type and food, and the taskmaster give different hitpoint for the trained thralls.

Can also be linked to the time spend on the wheel of pain, more time, stronger fighter thrall.

yep allow more diversity and freedom in game.


Very bad idea, especially for multiplayer. Wildlife is weak in the starting area and way more dangerous in end-game zones. Why would anyone go living North and hunting Thralls in New Asgarth or Volcano if he can get the same fighters on the Noob river? There will be no place for new low-lvl players on the map because high-lelels will never move to the North. In fact even Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers are too good considering how easy you can get them comparing with Thrall-hunting in Volcano. I think they will be nerfed in some way - maybe like the Captain or like the Bandit Leader.

Great idea actually!build a training camp,feed your fighter the right way,find specific items armor and weapons for him and in a while he can become an epic fighter,just have to balance this out the right way ))like Conan been growing up the ranks in the beginning )))

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I’ve toyed with the idea of being able to train your nooby thralls into better thralls. Obviously, because Exile thralls are easier to catch than Volcano thralls, getting them to a similar level should require a lot of resources.

  • A strong fighter would need healthy food. This would make the different weird recipes useful for something, because at present, players have little motivation to learn to cook anything beside aloe soup, haunches and herbal tea.
  • A skilled fighter wants to be paid. This would give a purpose to silver and gold coins.
  • Higher-tier Thralls could have additional costs of rare resources so that if you wanted a strong thrall you’d eventually have to wander away from the Noob River area. This idea is mostly to prevent actual top-tier thralls from becoming obsolete, which is a real risk if you could just capture several Exile T4’s and train them up. The amount of time, trouble and resources it takes to train a low.tier thrall into a top-tier thrall should be greater than going and grabbing an actual top-tier Thrall.

So basically, my idea is that once you capture a fighter/archer thrall, you first break him/her in the Wheel of pain as usual. Then you transfer him/her into a “Training grounds” workstation which uses special foods and coins as “fuel”, slowly upgrading the thrall into the next tier. Once you place the thrall into the world, you can’t put them back into workstations, so you’d need to fully train the thrall to the level you want before taking them out for walks.

At least, I feel this is the most easily implemented method of getting better thralls out of your wimpy ones.
Because it saddens me that Kruth One-Blow got his name because of how easy he’s to defeat…

Another solution would be to let thralls gain experience when they defeat enemies. This would probably be tedious for the player, as this would allow you to train only one thrall at a time, and only by grinding through hordes of mobs. The “Training grounds” workstation would allow the player to continue enjoying the game as they want while the thrall is cooking.


but do you think it give a lot of game diversity to have a concentrating of good fighter thrall in one unique spot ? we should also make use of others spots and of fighters that have been introduced.

I feel very boring to see everybody having the same thrall. I mean everybody having Vathis (but at least female or male) then after everybody having captain, then after everybody have bandit leader, then after relic hunter. and why to not have one of the 20+ unique thralls they introduced but who are worthless ?

And also i feel very boring to go to only one biome to find a good thrall, especially when this is true only for fighters, because you can fin good artisan thralls in every biome and even in starter area, ie it’s in the south that spawn the best armorers, not in the north… i would prefer to hunt for thralls in starters area & in jungle & in volcano, in fact in every biome as i do it for workers thralls.

We should add more diversity for fighters thralls or a system allowing to train any fighter thrall to a certain level. and if the concern is about too close of start area, well so let’s just move this diversity of spawning fighter thralls anywhere else on the map, and let’s have use of them !!! actually they just serve as meat to crocodile.

yep the training ground is a very good idea too, and yes should require lot of ressources or time…or both.

very interesting suggestions in your post.

Noss the murderer is supporting you (don’t be afraid) and Onis the quite Angry, is becoming quiet and looking you deeply with her green eye (be afraid)


Why is volcano thrall hunting hard?? Its my most loved place to todo it… Not to big area, not to big groups, strong T4s.

Even before I could take my thrall with me, I got >10 fighters from there (currently ~50). I only have to 2 treasure hunter, because you have to carry them so far home/to a maproom. But got some T4 archers from Set-city itself, which also have 7425hp.

One night (4-5hours) I got >16 T4 thralls (80% fighters) from there, while I was farming for the bloodstone sword.
And since the Warmaker patch its easy mode. Lava does not one shot you anymore and as long as you dont climb somewhere or jump between lava streams, your thrall is also safe.

I visited Volcano before this patch, lost my follower in lava and gave up this idea. Deadly frost near the Volcano and deadly heat inside it makes you carry extra set of armor leaving almost no Encumbrance for loot, so there was no point for me going there without Bearer or some Pet. Maybe I’ll try once more some time.

Yeah, you need to have the Obelisk and a map-room infront of it. Then its easy mode… Because as you said, otherwise you have to carry 2 armor-sets for that.

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adding to my previous idea i’d also like to see built in perks for diferent faction T4s… for example all T4s could be trained to be equal in stats but a nordheimer may have a straight damage boost… a exile a movement/ attack speed boost… darfari could get a auto heal after they kill something… ect. all T4s would be equal when trained but have a unique perk to keep some need to travel and acquire certain types.


Back to topic: But yeah, I just looked at the wiki and the strongest non-purge female fighters (which are still thrallable) are: Female Cimmerian berserker and Dalinsia Snowhunter (forgotten tribe)

From purge you could get: Esz of the Brood and Ssss Flickertongue (what a name…) from Volcano/Skelos faction.
Seeker Iris from Set-city/Relic-hunter.
And again from Forgotten tribe: Sonja the Strider.

But to sum it up: The game has NO female fighter from the best factions outside a Purge! And the purge versions are bad, compared to their normal fighter factions (sonds like a bug to me).
Just look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkHXTiElY9Y&t=150

Erii is the best (I have >20). And from the same faction a purge fighter (-> Esz of the brood) is worse!!
The same with Sonja the Strider and Cimerian berserker or Dalinsa. The purge fighters have more HP, but are worse at dmg-output…

So we have NO Top-level T4 FEMALE fighter and this is outrageous!! I would like to fight with a strong female companion, who is not an archer (have plenty of female archers from Skelos or Relic Hunter faction).


Or feed just feed them a specific food/booster,like feed Darfari human meat /bone broth and they regenerate faster ))) it’s easier to implement and makes you work for it,not just get super thralls who will own everyone

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