Getting T4 thralls system update

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This is not a bug, is a suggestion.

End game, get a T4 thralls (armorers mostly) is really boring, because you have to kill in a spot several times and wait to the thrall to be here in the next spawn.

A solution to this, maybe adding more T4 thralls to the dungeons being a reward to the effort of finish the dungeon.

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  1. Trying to get T4 thralls, a nonsense boring minigame.
  2. Not getting T4 thalls at all and no difficulty on getting them.
  3. Hope new content or new ways to get them.

You could try posting this in the suggestion tab, too. A lot more people are active there, you may reach more viewers.

You’re right. Thanks

Well the mods closed the wrong thread, so I guess I’ll repost my reply here…

Yeah, it would actually be kind of cool to complete a rescue mission in a dungeon and at the end have a T4 artisan join your clan. Be a nice change to have a willing thrall instead of them always having to be enemies that you subjugated.

Nice suggestion!

Good idea !
Maybe some hints we have to gather in different dungeons, or places, bit like the scourgestone, then give it at a designated place, like the unnamed city or else, and get a thrall in exchange.

Would love see that to.

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Dragoon in the den is a garunteed T4 thrall spawn.

Great for grabbing named archers.

Freya is another one but not sure about the hp

This is the suggestion section. So what we talk here are not in game, and just ideas, suggestions. :wink:

But yes, for info, Freya is still there, in her hut on the mountain, with wolf nearby, and some blacksmith and fighter mostly, yes. But this isn’t new, she’s in the game since opening of the green north. :wink:

So the idea in this tread was more a system to get at higher level some good t4 thralls in a more surprising or special way than the usual camp kill/grind stuff we all know.


I like going into different areas and looking for thralls. But the spawn rates are too low. Idk the current spawn rate. But somewhere between 5-10 percent should make it more enjoyable to grind for the collection. Also you would likely have to build a wheel near the area.

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And a dungeon artisan sounds like a good idea. But more like a tanner smelter.

Some are inferior to that, 2% some if i remember right. So yes, can be a grind.
And when you cleaned a camp so many times, it become rince and repeat, and taste bit old. :wink:

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I think the OP wants the T4 to be a reward from a dungeon type play style. I could like this if it was a random named vs a static consistent named. Part of the fun in thrall hunting is finding that unique armorer for me. the others are just “Named” as i am on PVP and just need the efficiency of them. Armorers give different armor buffs, so they are the only ones we “collect them all”. Grinding the same spot does get tedious, so a random named spot similar to The Chieftain Spawns in Asagarth would be welcomed. I am doing a dungeon design on my PVP private with some of the un-tamable named relic bosses from unnamed city as the loot reward in the chest at the end.


I made a seperate thread about this, but it’s pretty simple to incorporate a random name generator, and every thrall then becomes a named thrall.

I don’t think randomization should be done at spawn; the thralls should just have profession tags and a name.

Based on the tier of the thrall master and what food is provided, that increases/changes the chance of what they “finish” as.

So, you won’t be doing 50 clears to find 1 T3/T4 carpenter; you’ll be doing 2-3 clears to get 2 carpenters, either of which may become a T1-4 thrall.

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I like this, just like how pets are generated. Would also eliminate the need to camp locations for specific thralls. Randomize it all with aid from food that points the odds in favor of a particular type.

I think this could become bit dull quickly.
Still same way to proceed, grab them, feed them, waite and hope.

No, i prefer some special locations, or challenge to get them. But there should be more variations and ways we can get them. Why not, food could be a part of, for some. Let’s say cooks.
This ones, you may get better ones while feeding them theyr prefered dishes.

Maybe some other thralls, like an armorer, you need some other stuff, to get the best one.

You are right it would get dull. Is the current system not though? I have people under my stairs! Crates and crates of t4 thrall separated by category just sitting there on official pve-c waiting for the day I decay and someone gets to loot them. I dont watch for thralls I just take every named I find while killing them and its boring. knock out, drag, feed, storage with no hope of getting anything unique. Darn, more frequent purges would be a nice change for newer thralls.

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Yes, purge is nice for that, and at least a little surprise each time what you may get.

I played bit around on my own server with purge and settings, and well set it can be fun. Hope they will fix so we can get all purges styles. Better pathfinding also would be nice, especially in some spots.

More random HP for fighters maybe to. So we don’t know still what we will have at a given spot. Or if you can’t capture the thrall under the best conditions, he lose some stats or abilities.

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