Capture T4 and special thralls


I’ve been trying to get a Named Derketo priest and the T3 Stygian Armorer out of The Den for a few weeks now. I’m now very desperate and I’m slowly losing the desire to play.

Is it possible to increase the likelihood of getting such special thralls so that you have at least a chance of getting them in the foreseeable future?

For example, there is only a 1% chance of getting a named thrall at the Pagoda of Endless Lust, and there are 18 different ones. As far as I know …

Akkadian Warrior

You haven’t mentioned your platform. If you play on PC there is such mod, and you can even find servers using this mod. If it’s console… alas.

You haven’t mentioned your platform

Sorry :thinking: I play on PC on one server with and one without mods.

default rates are crazy, there is a reason behind that, but with a little bad luck you can be after specific thrall for weeks, even months

This can not be it! At the moment I log in several times a day and fight my way through the spawn points at the pagoda. Nothing else … for nine weeks until now …

The chances for some thralls are literally less than 1% so if you are doing it solo it will take ages. I guess you are playing on private servers (since one of them is modded) so maybe you can ask some friends there to look out for said thralls as well and in case they capture them you could compensate them with resources or anything like that (or support them in case of a battle).
In case of that modded server, maybe you can convince the server owner to insall the mod that increases the spawn rate for rare thralls.

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1%? Less than that even? No wonder I never get anyone…I saw Eyegouger like 5 times though and go figure he is glitched, all his stat growth is at 0%. So far I saw him, Ansina Hidden Daggers about five times too, B’naru Heavyhands, Thurga (I think that guy is supposed to be there all the time) and Galter of Bossonia.
Otherwise there is Sinner’s Refuge which seems to house all the members of Asura on this website XD

Have been playing for about a month and have not ventured much further than newbie river area. About as far as Unnameded City. I saw other named thralls I failed to capture.

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Yes, the vanilla spawn rates for thralls are in some spots are less than 1%, however, these spots can spawn different thralls so the chances that there is ANY named thrall is higher than 1%.
Some spots have a higher chance to spawn a thrall, for example the Cimmerian Berserker who has a 4% chance in some spots or a 100% chance at a specific one.

That said, getting one specific thrall can take a very long time, especially if it’s one that is sharing its spawn point with others like many armor / weapon smiths and carpenters do (and as I said, the chance that there is a named at all is already low and then you have to be additionally lucky to get the specific one out of 7 others that can spawn there as well).

But all of those low chances get somewhat offset by the fact that clans can actively farm several spots with several people, it will still take quiet some time but it’s obviously a lot faster than doing it alone, so for single player, it can be just frustrating to farm ages and not get the thrall you want, which is why I personally installed the mod that mildly increases the spawn rate for named thralls (so that they are still rare but it doesn’t feel like a boring grind anymore).


I am a solo player on console so I guess that is the worst you can get. Someone said that the named bearer thralls were broken and no longer appeared. But I did see one, except my thrall killed him XD At least I know it is not glitched. But they could raise that percentage a little.

My friend named derketo priests do not spawn at Den. Named derketo priests spawn at the jungle, near the derketo religion point. So here’s a tip. Build a small base between derketo religion and buccaneer bay. Ofcurse put a wheel of pain. Make a walk every day twice from derketo religion to buccaneer bay and you will found both. The next i am going to say i cannot verify it. I will mention it as a personal observation and not as a fact. I mention that diferent days spawn different things. What i mean is that in one day you will find several of spawns but not all of them. If its not the day to see derketo priests spawn you will not see them even if you visit the same spot 20 times. The same will happen to all the important spawns of the game. I remember searching for the sword of crom for months. And one day i collect it 4 times , 4 times man insane. If it wasn’t 3 o clock in the morning, i would keep killing skeleton bosses to have more :joy::joy::joy:. That’s for now dude good luck.

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There are a few spawns outside and around Sepermeru where there will be a T3 Stygian Armorer 100%, if not a T4 one. Two of them are located in the west of the city, between rocks near the north-west of the “Westwall” quarter (A7). They are surrounded by “Relic Hunter Slave Taker” - fighters.

As for the derketo priest: Did you check the two elevated campfire locations near the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts (O5)? That´s where they spawn.

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I know. I’m looking for a named Derketo priestess or priest at the Pagoda of Endless Lust.
And I’m looking for a T3 Stygian Armorer at the Den, because he/she is the only one who can craft the Derketo dancer outfit. That was probably somewhat unclear in my first post. :grin:

I have placed a bedroll near the Pagoda and check several times a day if I can find a priest there. And that for several weeks now … During that time I found about 5 named, three of them were Aisss.

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Yes, but only the armorer at the Den can craft the Derketo dancer outfit.

I’d prefer to have such a slider somewhere in server settings.

What @r4nd0mGamer is trying to suggest is that you can find the named stygian armorer that spawns in sepermeru. She is not fixing only the derketo dancer outfit, she is fixing sets too and flawless stygian armors. Plus another spawn point for her that you ain’t going to find it on YouTube is the spot in the jungle that you take the cooking recipe. To this point you found only 2 thralls. Believe me she spawns there more often than sepermeru.

If you play on PC, Multigun made a mod for that. But I dont know the name and If you can change the % or If is 100% T4 then.

@Wak4863 uses the mod in his armorer videos.

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“Tier 4 thralls” is the series of mods. There are 3 levels of mods. 25% more, 50% more and 100% more if I remember right.


Go to set city, there are way more thralls, and more T4s.

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That’s right, but I’m not the owner or admin of the server. Everything goes in local games, but not on servers.

As far as I know only the T3 stygian Armorer who can be found in the Den can make the Derketo Dancer outfit. But I could also be wrong. I’m going to search in Sepermeru for Zoara of the Marshes. Thanks for the tip.


And again I found Aisss the blacksmith …