More info on rescuing thralls from cages

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Pic is worth a thousand words?


It could be worse sirvink. They could be stuck with this guy as a jailor and the other as a cell mate. :smiling_imp:

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haha :slight_smile: I’m just really excited that some quality thralls can be pulled from the cages. My first T4 bearer since hopping on Siptah.


Lucky guy sirvink. To this day I have still never secured a T4 Bearer myself. I found one (1) in Sepermeru some time ago now, but I accidentally died while dragging him back to base. Sadly that was the only T4 Bearer Ive ever seen. While Ive got multiple, T4s from all other professions, Ive just had utterly abyssmal luck with Bearers.

Wait, in all the exiled lands too? You mentioned Sepemeru, so I assume that is what you meant? Sep was my best spot for hunting named bearers, but I always make my main camp next to the city for the great thralling and dungeons.

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Try Spinebreaker’s Flank. There is one guaranteed Bearer spawn, and 10 various T4 Bearers with 1% spawn each. Female T4 Bearers are quite rare, but it’s not that hard to get male.


Siptah Offers them in Bulks :wink:

Bearers and Dancers are/were Siptah’s most seen named thralls. Always 2-3 of them in every 1000 Swirling Chaos Surge.

On Exiled Lands i never bothered to break one as i did not required one. Turanian Elephants ftw! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the tips there @sirvink, @Ko6ka and @Coty. Yep. In all the Exiled Lands sirvink. I may give Sipinebreakers Flank a look as you suggested Ko6ka. Tell me Coty, do the dancers on Siptah have more respectable assets?

What do you mean by Assets? There is one i am After in every early game, she’s called Dancing with Bears and always has the Aesir pants in, i delve those to get frost giant armor.

As for dancers in General, i just make the golden jewelry/clothing, nothing else i like.

I do not know if this is an answer to your question, but i tried :))

Assets = feminine curves. There is a long history of the T4 female dancers being so athletic that their bodies were unable to fill out the way some prefer.

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Aye sirvink was correct here Coty, I was indeed refering to breast size. I simply took a more suttle approach, as in this day and age asking if a woman, of for that matter even a fictitious game character, has larger proportions has a tendency to trigger the hyper sensitive and perpetually offended.

It is crazy how I’ve become considerably more self concious about this game. Do I want my steam friends to know I engage in objectifying women and acts of slavery? Just saying it in the forums here makes me cringe.

I think Funcom made a very wise decision to enable the “rescue” system, to free prisoners and not put them on the wheel. Honestly, they could add in more like this, by having NPC camps that have their own wheels of pain, which we raid and then break, to free some undetermined number of slaves.

Maybe even start an employment system for our followers, where we can pay them a salary to fight with us, or dance for us and guard our bases? There is so much gold on Siptah, why not share with our followers?

It honestly would not surprise me to see big changes happen over time to address it. Digital life and real life are blending together.

This is true and a slippery slope. At what point do you stop and accept it is not real and at what point to you accept that what is not real is okay, in reality?

It’s a pretty cool new mechanic and from a game play point of view can be fun to save prisoners! I’ve only tested it briefly and had exile fighters but it is cool to know there are higher tier thralls available to be rescued.

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