Sad about change to Siptah Thrall Cages

One of my least favorite of the hidden changes in Chapter 3 of the Age of War is the fact that on Siptah, thralls that you free from cages don’t automatically serve you now. Instead, they are merely neutral. A couple of them died before I realized what was going on–my thralls following me at the time immediately butchered them when they were released from the cage. You CAN knock them out if you want after releasing them, but that totally defeats the purpose of having an alternate way of gaining a follower. I much preferred the old way, where thralls you freed served out of gratitude. Now they just walk away, indifferent without even a thanks. It is a dreadful change flavor-wise.


Alternative to forced slavery.

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Yeah, I am quite disappointed with this change. Now you have to place your thrall far away from it or set them to stop. Club unconscious an innocent thrall you just freed from a cage and then take them. I lost some to my follower too including a tier 4. Sad day that was. My first tier 4 too from a cage.


Just set them to guard you before you open the cage.

And then beat the poor thralls that I just freed in the head with a truncheon?

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If thats your poison- YES!

These days I find myself killing them out of frustration and annoyance. Don’t just walk away from me! :rage:

The question is if that’s an intended change or the consequence of something else. Imo it makes no sense to have them walk away and needing to knock them out as you said. Maybe it’s worth making a bug report for this and get developer eyes on it. It wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes, no?


That didn’t happen to me tho

The thralls I got from cages were all already tamed

Really? Interesting. Where were the cages located?

That’s a good point, but unfortunately it seems like a real change to me and not a bug. I mean, someone would actually have to write the code for their behavior walking off and them being flagged as enemies and such. They have a very deliberate behavior when they are freed (leaving the area).

May this one ask what platform you play on?

This one is on PStato, and this one has the freed thralls from cages (other than purge) are wild (but non-hostile ) rather than already associated.

Not necessarily. It depends on how the cage plus conversion system is working together to add a now loyal thrall. It could be that the converting part had a behind the scenes change in light of the changes coming to thralls in general and something is just edge case broke. What you’re describing is likely a bug simply because its new behavior that wasnt expected and they didnt announce it… funnily enough during public beta, thralls on the wheel looked like bloody traffic cones, so something was being worked regarding thrall conversion that could easily have created the behavior you’re seeing.

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Rescuing thralls should be an alternative feature in the game. Forcing players into ‘slavers’ is antithetical to the Conan lore. Conan hated slavers. We should have, at the very least, the option to rescue thralls. Instead of breaking thralls on a wheel of pain, as was attempted on Conan, we should be medically helping them to recover.

For example, the treatment of slaves is harsh. They are in cages because they aren’t “tamed” (domesticated) yet. So have the caged thralls do some swaying animation (moans, groans, and so forth) until the cage door is opened. Once opened, the thrall collapses unconscious. Players can drag (carry) the unconscious thrall back to a place to recover (instead of bindings, it can be a one rope pulled stretcher). Instead of a wheel of pain, place them on a bed to recover. Place food / bandages in the “bed” (just like we do with a wheel of pain now). Upon recovery, that thrall would serve out of gratitude (not because they have to, but because they want to). The alternative game play should be on par with the wheels of pain we have now (different tier beds, different foods/bandages for faster recovery, and same amount of time). It fits the Conan lore and doesn’t give any advantage to one method over the other. It also gives more uses for bandages that don’t get used as much as health potions.


Some great ideas here! You should get in touch with a modder who can implement these things. :slight_smile:

Im on Steam

True. However, we as players don’t get to play as Conan in this game. Or even meet him if we create a character on the Isle of Siptah, so his views should have zero effect on characters in game. I do enjoy more options for recruiting thralls, so not disagreeing with you there.


True. But in the beginning of the game, we are “rescued” by Conan. Conan did not rescue slavers… he killed them. Hence, in that same spirit, we should be fighting slavers, not becoming one.

This one disagrees.

Because this one thinks we are, by and large, playing villains.
Slave raiding, slaughter for steel and plunder, practice dark sorcery, build city states of conscripts, sacrifice people to fake @$$ gods for power villains.

While it is possible to play as a Howardian protagonist, it’s definitely going against the grain of the game.

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I disagree with you, sorcery just like slavery is an option, even now more with the new tavern system. We choose to be heroes or villains.