Next level griefing found?

Okie, i start with that i am mad and confused at same time, and first before writing again report , need help…
This is something new and probably bug usage, to prevent others from gameplay, but to be sure on 100%… will write story, and then please help me to figure out how to even report this… because its like reporting AI?

Story :
Soo today i needed some t4 worker in my case it was at lunatic camp so i found one i dont need but still t4… he followed me and pushed back while my thrall tryed to knock him out, from nowhere like really on that t4 jumped his own allies , atleast it looked like that, and basically killed him… then i thinked ok something bugged and well i am next, but they just turned and went away, i followed them and well i found out that those was ‘‘player’’ placed thralls on guard mode inside camp, what confused me is that players are not allowed to place thralls on camp grounds… i think.
So to what i thinked - some, either total noob who plays conan 1 time, or professional griefer, released 6 thralls ( 4 archers, 2 fighters) from cages, and gifted them nordheimer armors ( i mean i think from cages npc gets that grass suit only?) so now at camp near cages but like widened out there stays damn 6 thralls killing on spot any npc that spawns…

Where is problem:

  1. why they even get set to guard mode after release - aint it would be better if after release u need to replace them at base or they are deleted after 30 min forever than just guard at camp ?
  2. Thralls not showing up any owner tags, so how do i even report them???
  3. if that is not player given armor, from when thralls who are released from cages gets nordheimer armors -.-?

Let me see if I’m getting you right.
You went to the Temple of the Loon to grab a thrall. You got one. On the way out, you were ambushed by 6 enemy thralls? And you say they killed your thrall, but didn’t attack you or you ran and they aborted the chase after a while?
It’s not strange to lose a bound thrall when fighting npcs, you know? Happens all the time. That’s why you should bolt out of there asap as soon as you capture the thrall you want. You only fight if you absolutely have to. Now, you believe that you were attacked by enemy thralls placed on the imediacies of that accursed camp? Well, then someone is trying to lose his thralls because that’s a lousy strategy. Are you sure these weren’t just npcs? You can’t place thralls there for quite a strech of land…

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I believe he was still in the process of attempting to knock the T4 our when they zerged in and killed the thrall he was trying to get. However, if the T4 didn’t attack one of their “guard” thralls I am not sure what would have triggered them to rush out and kill it.


Strange, right?

i understood that are unowned or even owned thralls guarding at the camp, they was release from the cages and was not moved by the player who released them then their initial position remains where they was released. Am i right?

  1. not loon but lunatic ( i 4 grid ) there is jailor and cages. @Marcospt
  2. Yes in process, and those 6 thralls who was there started attack ( this also happens near any base where thralls are on default placed … but maybe its also something that should not happen ) and i think another NPC was attacking them before, because they stays near npc spawn zones, and they just picked next target… @Oduda
  3. Owned thralls, that was released, and not moved, remains near cages on free ‘‘standing’’ places yes, but its not like they aint touched, they has nordheimer armor and weapons ( maybe weapons can be different but still weird ) @EduMariano

well in short - at npc camp around cages where they sets they spawn outside are standing 6 thralls and killing npc if they goes too close to them… and they are with player made armor on them…

Edit : well i guess its hard to imagine this thing, i would also dont understand if someone says me something impossible happening, i will try tomorrow add screenshots if that smartass aint taking those thralls home …


Sounds like an interesting exploit. If you can find out who they belong to maybe you could ask them to remove them?

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when they killed t4 and returned to place inside that camp i said in global to remove but thing is - thralls dont show any owner tag… and by so its damn worst way to start griefing game, because nobody answered , well answered those who did not placed them, 2 did not believed and even went to check them … this is why i writing it in forums , because i dont even know how to report it, like if they still there i can only show image of 6 thralls standing inside camp with armor and maybe killing others npc…

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You should be able to report this fairly easily:

"Potential Grieving Exploit

User has left thralls near cage in NPC camp, equipped them and likely leveled them without setting them down anywhere outside the NPC camp. The causes havoc and grief for all other players attempting to acquire thrall from that camp. Camp Name, Coordinates.

Thank you for your continued support."


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Well you can take your thralls to a no thrall placement zone set to guard area and then set them to stop following. They’ll enter scouting state and will stay there for a while before returning home. Other than that, I don’t see how they would do it without cheating, unless the owner was in the imediacies… and only one thrall could still be set to follow. The other 5 would be scouting (or belong to other 5 players, which I find hard because you would spot them).
Btw Temple of the Loon is the name in English, afaik. Lunaticos is in Portuguese, for instance, maybe Spanish too…

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When you “rescue” a thrall from a cage they hang around the cage area. That is their home-location - as if you set them there. They are usually killed off if you don’t move them. But I think it’s possible to have them follow you, level them up, and even dress them in good gear. But if you never place them anywhere else they will return to the same area where you rescued them from.

This is not true of all cage areas but it seems to be the case with about half of them. In the case of the other half they walk slowly out of the area and just stop (somewhere) - I always thought they continued out of the no-build zone to “somewhere”. But again that’s only the case about half the time (or for half the cages). Other times a rescued thrall will take 5 steps and just stop there permanently - calling that position his home.


Yeah, but those thralls suck, @TeleTesselator … you can solo them easily. Bearers and low level archers, fighters…

I’ve gotten level 4 thralls from there. And even a level 2 or 3 thrall will be able to kill all the other thralls in the camp if you level them up and give them nice armor and weapons.

Also once they are freed they are subject to the rules. So if he’s on a PvE server for example, they are untouchable - by other users.


I wonder if we are talking about the same spot, @TeleTesselator . Is it the accursed camp bellow the temple of the loon? It has some pretty bad ass thralls there outside the cages. T4s included. A berserker now and then. I never got more than a t3 from that cage ( has 2 if I’m not mistaken).
That seems an unlikely scenario, but who knows? And the cages take a while to respawn. 6 of them by that process seems far fetched, but there’s people for everything…
Btw, even today I captured Sonja the accursed on that camp. Outside the cages, obviously. Caught 2 Dalinsias on the actual temple. Probably I won’t see another one soon.
I’m trying to get Llor, but no luck so far…

Oh, I dunno where he’s talking about… I just meant that I’ve gotten T4 thralls from cages.

It shouldn’t matter though… For example I like weak thralls! Three of my PvE bases (on three different server) are all protected by T3 lamers at level 0~10 with only regular (non-legendary) armor. For me it’s way more fun to see 80 T3 thralls defending and maybe dying than to see 20 named thralls cleaning house without getting a scratch. A lot less work too! :wink:


On occasion we get lucky, @TeleTesselator . I got Eina the Light from a cage. It was either her or a female t4 bearer. But that was on the SW.
That particular cage on the spot the OP is talking about has good spawns, but I don’t see the point in going through such process… maybe for the fun of it?

I once complained about rng regarding thralls on Siptah. I don’t know if it was you or another guy who set me straight, saying I was trying to play Siptah as the EL. Right he was. I don’t have places to put so many t4s now! Easy to get t4s on Siptah, but not so easy to get some of them. Llor is being a freaking pain, this time around.

Anyway, @NeoTheMatrix can you go back and record a video? I would love to see that shenanigan! :laughing:

What process? You mean getting T3’s instead of Named ones?

If that’s what you meant - for me it’s better. I can fill up the 8-thrall wheel in less than or about 30min. and they are bent to my will in a very short time - about one downloaded movie (or a game model create) later.

I’ve said that to a few people… yup. And it’s true… if you really want or need named thralls they’re super easy to get on Siptah - from the Surge Shrines.

No. That thing @NeoTheMatrix was talking about, the scenario he faced.
I never leave a prisoner on a cage either. There’s always room for another one, until there isn’t!:laughing:

Oh, yeah, well, the purpose would of course be sh*ts & giggles… aka: grieving.

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