Can I import SP character into another SP game?

Long story, but here goes: I used to run my own private server. Over time, players moved on, server got empty, costs added up, and I eventually said “screw it” and discontinued running the thing. Before walking away, however, I made sure to download the game.db file, so I can re-import that old world onto another server at some point if I want to continue adventuring there. Additionally, I learned how to import that world (and my character) into a single-player game, so I can continue my own adventures (screw those guys anyway, right?).

Here’s the thing: I’m in a strange headspace where I want to start a new game, but the whole “you’re naked/hungry/thirsty and don’t even know how to make a stone sword” thing sounds really tiring. I have an existing lvl 60 character from this old game.db file. Can I import just that character from the .db into a new game? If so, how? I already know about Mikey’s Toolbox tool for running multiple characters on one SP game, which is cool, but not quite what I’m aiming for.

You cannot import into the DB, as far as I know. But, you can overwrite the existing game.db with the one you want to use. I have a boatload of different game.dbs saved, and just copy them over the existing DB when I want to play one of those characters (after saving the existing one if need be). Works fine in SP, and if your server provider will allow it, you can FTP it to your private server if you want.

Well it’s a sqlite db, so if you’re a programmer shouldn’t be difficult, try to look at the db with this:

It’s graphical and kinda user friendly, but I wouldn’t know the details, try trial and error.

Just use Pippi mod and give yourself lvl 60 with all Attr & Feat points just from the start. Pippi Admin Panel is very easy and user-friendly.

there is a batch file called servercleanup.bat it should be in your save folder.
or available from funcom somewhere.

it will wipe the server without touching the character.
you’ll still be level 60 but naked with nothing no buildings nothing.


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