Can I play Connan in PS4 with a friend in the PC?

Hello folks…

I have the Connan for PS4 and my friend has the PC version… can I play online with hin in the same server?


not cross platform sorry

No and you can blame Sony and their petty short sighted cross platform policy. Technically speaking there’s no reason why a ps4, xbox and PC couldn’t all connect to the same server. Maybe nextgen we will see this policy change.

that would be cool but not likely to happen… You know… Profit ?

Well having to stand up multiple servers for different platforms does come at a cost.
Developers would be able to save a lot of money on server costs if even a fraction of their game server instances could be cross platform. Hopefully the Microsoft / Sony tech agreement for next gen leads to more cross play options.

if only Set could hear you, but after what i’ve heard about all the ps4 fortine account lock i’m not sure Sony wan’t to work with concurence

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