Crossplay PS4 and PC?


Hello, my question is if it’s possible to crossplay between ps4 and pc. My friend is playing the game on pc and because my pc is not the best I want to buy the game for ps4 but i don’t know if it is possible to crossplay. The pc owner can make his own server for singleplayer/koop, can I join it on ps4?

Sorry for bad english, but it’s not my mother tongue and I’m still learning it.

Nah Sony doesnt support Crossplay, its the same for any game. Even Minecraft where there is crossplay to everything except Playstation which proper sucks. Can crossplay on my phone ot mate on Xbox and PC but my PS game is isolated :frowning:

Thanks for answering.
Game is server-based. So is that really matters from which platform you’re accessing online?
Game interface mostly the same…
P.S. Maybe somebody have tested this case (PC and PS4 crossgame case)? And what is happening?

FFXIV = Crossplay between PC and Playstation.
Even well over a decade ago we had crossplay with FFXI between PC and PS2.

But for this game, yeah, PlayStation has their own servers. I’m sure it would be possible for Funcom to make this game crossplay compatible if they wished.


Thanks for answer. Have a nice day!

War Thunder is pure PC<=>PS4 crossplay. Sony does not want to share user base with MS and Xbox One, not with PC


Did not realise as never palyed any FF after FFVIII back in the PS days lol

No worries! Just pointing out that it’s a thing.

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