Can I reload the game from a backup?

Game mode: [Singleplayer/co-op]
Problem: [Bugs]
Region: [USA]

I’ve encountered numerous bugs and glitches since the Friday July 6 patch. Is there a way to recover the lost items by reloading data from a Thursday game backup?

  1. Boxes and chests are no longer accessible to other players. A permissions thing. Game unplayable.
  2. I lost a box of thralls and a crafting station. Apparently there is a wedge foundation issue. Getting the items back and removing all wedges would be a start, hence my interest in a back up and restore.
  3. Animations are wrong, from wrong swimming strokes to holding weapons the wrong way. This includes all of a sudden holding the wrong weapon or no weapon. The Ymir axe is unplayable as you can not hit a human body with it any more.
  4. Objects falling through the world. For me, its male thralls. I have one survivor but the women are doing fine. ALL the vultures, 17 since I started counting, roll off the cliff and poof through the world.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. After the Friday patch, I logged in and the game was wonky.
  2. I logged out, defragged the disk, shut down the computer and restarted the game.
  3. No change, see comments above.