Lost mostly all my stuff today. Highly Steamed

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 6442
Mods: n/a

Bug Description:

{Coords: H-11 } I just lost all My Stuff. I had built a new tower yesterday with all my thralls, boxes, benches, and everything. I went to log in after restart today from another location, and all my stuff spawned at the old tower and poofed into bags. I only had seconds to scavenge, and lost most of my things. Most of my things including rare thralls, items, and two weeks worth of stuff I worked dilegently to acquire. I am highly frustrated at the moment, so please help me!!!

Evidently, there is currently a bug that makes it to where placeables revert to the previous location on game restart if you don’t place the twice in a spot. I lost most of my things because I moved them once from the tower, to the new tower. That’s why everything vanished. Please reimburse me, because this is a flaw in the game, and not on my end. I don’t really want much. Just what I lost. I lost some named Bench Thralls, two Dances with Bears, a Covric the Blade, and a lot of other random materials, and all the materials it took to make all the t3 benches.

Bug Reproduction:

Logged In & Played the Game Using the new “Move Feature”. Reloaded the next day, and lost my things.


Sounds like u got banned… Did placeables that r put directly to ground dissapeared? If not u r 99%banned and ur ban will take effect upon new server restart!!! If i was u i would body vault stuff that would help me restart (like some named thralls, and some tools and repair kits), u know , just in case…

The thing is is that it wasn’t my fault. There is a known bug that if you place something somewhere, or move it that sometimes it reverts to the last place it was originally placed. I knew about this, but did realize that they would revert to a place where there was no longer a building, so they poofed. This is a new bug, and it is a funcom responsibility, because it started happening to a lot of players after 3.0.

I didn’t get banned. I got bugged. :sweat_smile:

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All my Benches where moved around an stacked under other benches. Thought i lost them. But luckly they where still there. Please Fix this Bug I know if i lost all my stuff like post creator i probably up an quit untill its fixed

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I understand the emotions you are going through but let me ask you this…if you loose your character in other games (and all the lore and levels) due to a glitch, do you go to the company and ask for the character back? I have lost several characters in Skyrim throughout the years playing and I never once went back to the company to get my character back and this is equivalent IMHO…so do other folks do this? Am I the odd person out that just shrugs and restarts and just lets the company know there is a bug out there?

How can you be sure about that if i may??

I play everyday. there was no decay. There was no ban. I know people that have been banned, and this is not that. I have been playing this game for over two years, and can spot the difference. But I appreciate your effort to point out the things that could be.

edit sorry this one was meant for Ragnaguard. Can’t untag it tho.

the trolls be out today, IDC if you care that they don’t care. :upside_down_face:

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Well if this post gets the attention of just one funcom employee that makes it their interest to combat this bug, this is all worth the effort. Damn skippy it affects all of us!, lol. :vulcan_salute:


You’ve done all you can at this point. You’ve reported the issue.

Don is correct though, they won’t reimburse you, they don’t do that.


Losing your stuff bc it was moved is a known bug. Even I reported the move bug weeks ago, didn’t lose anything when it was reported but I did later. Still, I haven’t been able to reproduce it. And reproducing it is the problem. Can’t fix what can’t be identified.

We have all lost stuff, and yes it makes us mad. But it is also a real part of the Conan Exiles experience. We have to let our stuff go, take a deep breath, and chalk it up to “Our story, good and bad.” It’s still fun or we wouldn’t keep coming back.


you’ve got a point

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At this point all I really want them to do is fix the bug. That is reimbursement enough. After more than two years I never have this kind of problem till 3.0. :roll_eyes:


I hear ya :frowning:


Me too

i really hope i am wrong, but i have seen people banned while they r in game , so i highly doubdt that … let us know tomorrow… or at ur server restart…

i am trying to help in case the worst scenario appears. as for the years u playing , trust me i have seen players with more years enjoying the banhammer. (i really hope that aint u)

the way u described ur base to “bugged out” is exactly what happens when u get dev wiped… r there ANY structures belonging to your clan intact in the server?

Happened to me as well. Moved out of my shack and built t3 base adjacent. Moved large chests inside new base, vanished bc lost stability within 20 hours. Four of them, I now remove placeables and re craft.


Firstly, Skyrim is not an online game. Secondly, in an online game, for example, World Of Warcraft, developers return to the player things that he lost due to game errors. And Conan is also an online game. Thirdly, if I built a settlement, collected resources and the best slaves for two years, then I will not shrug my shoulders, I will go complain and demand my property back.
P.S. I also started losing buildings, workbenches and chests after the 3.0 update. Before the 3.0 update, nothing was ever lost in my settlement for almost two years. You play, the timer on the buildings is 336 hours, you go out, you come in a day, and part of the buildings and the workbench disappeared. The logs say they lost stability in just 48 hours. And you say it’s not a bug? Funny.

A game’s genre does not by default define the terms of service.

Also, nothing about Conan Exiles is your property or owned solely by you.

It was agreed upon in the EULA when you made the purchase.