Can not find merchants in flotsam

I have been to flotsam various times. Everyone attacks me and no merchants to be found. Ive been all over and searched the web for anything i could find. please HELP

Huh. I didn’t know you were even supposed to find talkey NPCs there, I always kill everybody. Another case of slaughtering because I could, not stopping to consider whether I should.

There above you.

After you climb up decks (west side) if you look above sails and tent canopy, you’ll see another platform, there few baddies and npc up top.

Its out of way, and no direct path really to it.

Same with ones at Dogs of Desert, there up on platforms (were you learn belly dance)
Cept the one has platform that goes around and up and around to them.

The one at volcano is near SE entrance, Sadly on ps4, when you enter and game loads area, NPC are on last of list, So you’ll be 80% up path way before they even spawn. You may catch him on way out standing still.


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