Where are flotsam merchants now?

I returned to CE and i’m now on a PVP server because there’s little challenge at PVE… Only the purge to destroy your base is a joke… There’s no constant threat… But it’s not the reason i’m creating this topic xD

Since i returned i built a base and i was going to flotsam to get the pet eggs. All changed now and have only the sand reaper merchant. Where are the others? Can someone give me a specific map coordinate like C1, A2, B3, etc?


Click the name of the vendor you want.



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Thanks but it says they are at flotsam yet.

I didn’t find them there… Are they at another point? Can you help me with an easy coordinate like i said?

The vendors are all still at the Flotsam, but down at the beach, see screenshot. You can see the animal cages close by them on the small platform. Hope that helps.


Thank you!

There also merchant on the hight where you could find blackhand spy and a queen

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