Where are the new pet merchants?

Game mode: [Online | PvE]
Problem: [New revamp has moved pet merchants]
Region: [America]

So with this new Revamp as of June 26th, they have moved all the pet merchants in Flotsam. I have found the spider merchant and the shoebill one but i can’t find the Sand Reaper guy. Can anyone help me?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Go to Flotsam
2. Find merchants in new areas with caged animals
3.Cant find sand reaper merchant
4. Keep trying to find the merchant

He’s on the upper platform in the lower right of Flotsam. You will have to climb to get there, and there are plenty of people who don’t like customers on the platform.



Now that is with the new update? Cause I checked the two high platforms last night but I might have missed him. Now there is a bunch of spies up there I believe

He is mixed in with the spy Archers and fighters

I did find him up there, just wanted to let everyone know that this is the case! Thanks all

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He is now on the left upper platform

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