Can Not Learn Feat Scroll Received From Vault

Official Server PVE-C 6155
Platform: Steam

I received a scroll to learn the Witch Doctor feat after completing a vault.

However, when trying to learn it nothing happens. Pressing “F” or the actual button “Use” does nothing.

I gave it to a clan mate and they were also not able to use the scroll to learn the feat.

Neither of us currently have the feat unlocked in our Knowledge tab.

Witch Doctor? That particular feat scroll shouldn’t exist anymore. It’s a bug. @Community …tell Den he missed one.

Greetomgs Eldewy!
Thank you for reporting your situation regarding the witch doctor scroll.

These scrolls are no longer functional since our new update 3.0. Could you let us know in which vault you got it from, please?

Thank you in advance!

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Hello, I’ve also found a Witch Doctor scroll today that I couldn’t learn during a surge (tier 4 south yoggite). I don’t remember which NPC dropped it though.

And I got another one from gathering 5 schematics fragments.

…or five.

Thank you for pointing this out. Could you let us know where you found these?

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