Can only log in with 3 out of 9 characters

Hi! I played from 2008 to 2010 and am now returning after 12 years.
I can only log in with 3 out of 9 characters. I’ve been paying premium for a few months and all 9 characters are unlocked. Also, I have long run a ticket. But I can’t log in with 6. Who else can I contact for help? Someone mentioned an AndyB. Many thanks for your help!
Greetings Marion


You might want to direct message him too, but it hasn’t helped my problem get resolved any faster so far.

If you’ve paid for premium and can only unlock 3 characters I assume you also have the 10 gold cap, etc? If so they haven’t provided you the service you paid for.

I have a complaint in with the Better Business Bureau. I’d recommend following that route to expedite an answer.

Good luck!

If your premium go onto the locked characters on the loggin screen there should be a little padlock on them click it . It will say do you want to unlock this character and you’ll have to enter your account password and they will unlock

All characters are unlocked. However, I can only log in with 3 out of 9. I don’t have the gold cap. Premium works there. But of course I want to be able to play all the characters.

I’m new to this forum. As soon as possible I will contact AndyB. Thanks

I fail to understand how you can’t login to all characters. Can you be a bit more specific what prevents you from logging in?

Error messages etc are helpful, or describe how it prevents you as there can be several different reasons.

Some characters are broken from previous transfers - I am unable to login to one characters on one account - another character has no quests, gear or quest items and is unable to progress or be fixed.

In the character selection, 6 characters are not displayed visually. When I try to log in with them, a time bar “Logging in character…” appears and counts down slowly. This then ends with the information “Timeout. Please try again later.”

Do the characters say “offline” in red? or what server does it show?

All 9 show the server Crom.

Maybe you have an outdated custom UI that blocks you from unlocking the characters ?

@AndyB help me please. Thanks

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