Premium Player cannot access all my characters

As a premium player, do I not get access to ALL my characters? It’s saying I can only access 9 “unlocks” but I have more characters than that.

This isnt a bug.

Defaultly, P2P Membership only offers 8 or 9 character slots, you must buy more character slots in order to unlock more. Once you buy a slot it is forever free, so when/if you ever go f2p you will get 1 unlocked slot by default (f2p now gets 1 slot, plus any bought slots) and however many slots you buy.

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Hm, then I should have 10 I believe since I had 2 as a f2p and now I only have 9.

I suggest using the Funcom email support so they can investigate your account specifically to resolve how many slots you should be able to unlock …as I understood it … when you are premium ALL slots can be used … but if going premium-FTP-premium …then you have to unlock all characters again

I should clariffy that the 8-9 characters p2p offers is just the default.

Of course if you have character slots you bought those will also be free, just as Kwalya said.

But most definately do get ahold of a GM

Thanks for the help!

Subscribing to premium membership provides 7 additional character slots (for the duration of your subscription). You can review this information, as well as the other premium membership features, at any time on the following page of our website:

If you had 2 character slots while F2P, 9 is a normal number to see after upgrading to paid membership. We’ll be happy to double-check your account for you through email support, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know I’m not OP but she was talking about this earlier with me and I know for a fact that after she went to premium she still has a few of her characters locked, and has run out of character unlocks to be able to access them. There’s at least 3 character slots that are still locked.

Course that’s just my word, I’m sure you’ll get an email from OP herself later.