Can I not select what characters are locked?

I just came back to check the game out, and notice of the four characters that are unlocked, my main character, the oldest and highest level, is not active.
is there a way to swap whats locked and unlocked?

you can only change that when the account goes f2p, all characters get locked and you unlock what you want until you reach the limit you have (depends on accounts).
you can also either subscribe (+6 slots as long as your sub lasts) or buy extra character slots to get more slot unlocks.

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thats weird, when i came back i had 3 slots unlocked, and i got to pick a fourth and like an idiot picked a topless level 14 alt instead of my main.
anyway, i ended up subscribing. i had some payment issues last time I played in that every CC i tried declined payment to funcom. this was prior to them moving to a new payment model so, guess im g2g now.

the power of boobs… :rofl:


Everything that was unlocked with Premium reward (Gift) gets locked. Anything else will be open. So yes if you renew premium you get them back.

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