Having Troubles with buying singel Character Slots

I bought a 4th character slot 2022-02-02 and I paid the $19.99. Well next day when I went to play the payment history said it was accepted. Went to game and NO new slot was there. I checked the in game manage payments and it said it failed. Funny, my BANK says it went through. I want my slot, or my money back. I was told to put a cerain An Dee BEE in here to be notified. I want my slot.

You’ll have make a support case first.

you mean send a ticket? 3 times already. I found it actually but it says since I am not premium, I can only replace current toons. I have 4.


Maybe it helps, but doesn’t seems so the last weeks.

Well as embarrassing as it is, I did find it last night in a place I didnt expect. BUT It seems Funcom places a limit on the number of toon slots. When i found it and opened it, it said something to th effect. You have 4 already at your…level??..when you delete one character you can replace it with this one. So crisis over but very disappointed as I do not know how many slots I could have prior to this. Now i know. Thank you everybody for you help

Interesting, I wonder if it’s some kind of ‘anti-gold seller’ feature. I’m guessing your current characters are mid to lower levels and you don’t have any 80’s?

You are correct, My highest toon is Lv 22. Now oddly enough, after me griping for 3 days, my slot was OPEN this morning when I went to play. I think its a very sorry state of affairs when a company dos this to their players. I was told in another place that Funcom dont give a flip to petitons or complaints if you are not premium. So go figure. I got my slot. I may not be grcing Funcom with more money after this.

In my experience, when I get a new slot, I have to relog several times before the client finds out and shows it. I thought that it was just because i have A LOT of characters, but maybe it’s just a common issue.

However, I’m a bit confused about your first post: sound like you bough the slot directly? What I normally do is buy FC points, then buy the slot from the ingame shop.

They did put out years ago when it was first going into maintenance mode that ONLY subscribers would have their trouble tickets taken care of (SWTOR is the same way).

I was mad when I first posted. sorry. I bought the 2400 funpoints to in turn buy a new slot. When I finally found the points and opened it it said I wasnt at some “level X” and could only replace oen i already have. Next day I got on and the new slot was waiting for me. usually when I have bought my previous 4 slots, I do it at night and tne get out of everything and go to bed then check the next mornring. I will try another slot later on jsut to tick funcom off. lol. But i DID buy the points first. Sorry for the confusing.

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I guess they still dont pay attention to anybody but subscribers, Nebless

Just to be fair, the do offer help for Account Page Services and Complications and Ingame help for mission blocking etc for all players, but some ingame help only for “paying” players, whater “paying” means.