Which characters get locked after


So, I have 3 characters over level 50. 2 of them are years old and the other is a Saga character so all would be unlocked after saga ends.

I have a subscription going, wanted to try out some classes I never played before, any new character would be “over” the amount I would normally have unlocked without a sub. I noticed that any new character I create is placed at the top of the character list and wanted to know which characters will be auto-locked once my sub ends.


Once you get F2P again when your subscription ends, you will get to choose what chars you want to unlock.
You unlock them by simply logging into them. I am pretty sure there will pop up a new window that specificially asks you if you really want to unlock that toon, and you have to enter your password again.
The only thing you will need to know is how many characters you will be able to unlock.
Protip: Don’t forget to strip the toons you don’t plan to unlock of anything usefull, and be aware of the 10 G limit - you might want to invest gold into stuff you can easily trade (Shards of the exiled God for example), or put it into a proxy guild bank, or give it to a trustworthy friend, so you can access some gold if needed.

The character list has nothing to do with that, you can aczaully change the list if you want to (sorted by age, level, whatever - I never did that)


Thank you very much!


And note that once unlocked you can not change your mind and re-lock the character and pick a different one… so make your choices carefully.
If you do mistaken unlock a character, then possibly Funcom support could help but I wouldn’t count on that and especially not if it’s days after you unlocked the character.


New characters are only at the top of the list because you have the order setting as ‘new at top’. If you look close you’ll see a small pull down tab where you can decide the order they’ll be in.

When I went from sub to f2p all my characters were locked and it prompted me to pick the one’s I wanted unlocked.


The sorting options on the character select screen have never worked for me. None of them do what they say they do.


Interesting. Never paid attention to it before as mine was always in abc order, but it reset last month to one of the others and I played with it a bit until setting it back to what it was before.


Is your account rather new? Or was it created long ago like during original launch?

I just double checked and it appears a few sorting options do actually work for me now.
Not sure about “Last login first” and “Last login last”, though they might be right.
Highest/Lowest level do seem to work, though all the 80’s just appear in a seemingly random order.

So the only ones that I’m sure don’t work at all are Oldest First and Newest First.


I think it depends on what server the character was created on : sorting with Oldest First makes my older characters created on Ishtar server appear after those created on crom after the merge. but the order remains good for characters created on the same server. it makes me think the sorting is made by character id instead of real age.


For me in Newest First, this is the best I can come up with without logging in and using /born:
Zath (17)
Dagoth (1st created)
Set (5-7)
Set (5-7)
Dagoth (3rd)
Set/Crom? (8/9)
Set/Crom? (8/9)
Set (5-7)
Set (4th)
Crom (10-16)
Dagoth (2nd)
Crom (10-16)
Crom (10-16)
Crom (10-16)
Crom (10-16)
Crom (10-16)
Crom (10-16)