Can someone please explain this to me?

Archeon pick is more expensive to craft than hardened steel pick, but is a lower tier.

Funcom, can you roll back your game three years ago? I think its time to go back.


It has been like that since Sorcery hardened steel pick if you want starmetel. @Rivus

With these rates on officials there’s no need to craft the tools between stone and star metal except to harvest the first meteors. And yes, maybe even a 4 year rollback would be great, the game has gotten so boring and pointless with these updates.

I think the real problem is that the game has got boring and pointless despite the updates. If you keep playing the same game for years, it inevitably gets stale. There are two ways to prevent that:

  1. Updates that bring something new and refreshing to the game. Such updates will never please everyone.
  2. Other players. Playing with, or against, people is a feature that can retain its novelty and challenge, even if the game itself doesn’t change. Chess hasn’t received an update since the 17th century, but it keeps people playing with incredible enthusiasm. As a game concept, it’s relatively uninteresting, but the challenge lies in playing against other people.
  1. Take a break once in a while. Go play something else for a change of pace and come back when you get that itch to survive, build, dominate again. And when you come back, maybe try starting fresh instead of getting on your old character that has already conquered the world and has little else to do besides sit on his throne and practice his Conan impressions.

This one is also vexed by some of the new hierarchy with recent updates.
It is bizarre how certain weapons and tools are more or less effective with occasional nod to rhyme or reason.

While this one hopes they can re-examine some such choices (silent tear for the now useless Black Ice Weapons), where it falls on the priorities list is anyone’s guess.


Exactly this.
Conan is on it’s last leg and they are trying to squeeze every last penny out of it by making the game as easy and accessible to casual players as possible.
I run my own heavily modified server, and I seriously can’t understand how can console players play this game for more than 100 hours, same applies to official servers, unless you’re into PvP there is NOTHING to do in vanilla game.
Maybe folks just relax by harvesting rocks and wood IDK :thinking:

I know I do. That’s why I play games. Sometimes I harvest, sometimes I rob a vault or two, sometimes I recruit thralls or build a wall.

Might be a good idea for everyone to try relaxing every once in a while. I know PvPers may not afford the luxury if their server has an active war going on, but personally, I don’t want my game to feel like a job, or a chore.


Some people relax in PvP, some people relax in raid groups.
Just like some people relax in front of telly, while other relax in the gym or while sailing.

Many have boring grindy jobs so hobby is the way to do something exciting :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes you have made your clulesness abundantly clear.

I have close to 7K hour in this game. 99% of it PVE, 90% on vanilla public servers.
If Conan is on it’s last leg it was only born with one. {truer then you think}

That spend money.

And how much time do you spend waiting on mod updates? How often is your game down due to conflicting mods? Been there, done that, just another reason not to play on private servers.

There is the same thing to do in game on PVE as PVP the only difference is in PVE you don’t have to deal with hackers.

Bet you love RUST, the only thing to do in that game is PVP. Servers full of naked people with sticks and rocks beating you to death the moment you spawn. Just so much fun there :roll_eyes:

Yes you have made your clulesness abundantly clear.
I have close to 7K hour in this game. 99% of it PVE, 90% on vanilla public servers.
If Conan is on it’s last leg it was only born with one. {truer then you think}

Dude 7k hours, I don’t have so many in all the games I ever played together. Maybe try to go out more and have some fun, you might be less frustrated/angry afterwards.

Have a great weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

Different building styles, different areas, different character builds, different ways to get thralls, different foci on your followers (Use nothing but one pet the entire time), completely restarting from scratch and doing it over to see if there was anything you missed (and there is a lot of things if you haven’t done this that you probably notice).

The game is very flexible and the variations are so great, you can literally play 10K hours and still haven’t tried everything and every combination of things.

Also need to go old school. These guys are just fun.

Which tells me I have more time in games total then you’ve been alive. Ponder on that through the weekend.

FYI: I touched grass hard with a machine yesterday. You should see my flowerbeds when the irises are in bloom. That I probably have more time in total then you have in gaming.

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There’s no need to craft any tool for except a start metal pickaxe, just kill the blood crystal beasts and buy tools, then add an advanced tool upgrade kit to it

6000+ hrs. Been on the same official PvE server for almost 5 years. We have played PvP on a couple of servers. Didn’t care for it due to the excessive numbers of babies in those servers. Played single player for a few months.

I always come back to play, because I always have something to do. I like to run the vaults and spawning pools on Siptah (Although that’s really the only thing I like about Siptah). I run the dungeons. I explore the map and I just last week found a spot I’d never been to before.

Sometimes I like to play a game called, “Only wear armor I find”. I will leave naked, and put on whatever I find. But, I can’t carry any extra pieces. I just wear it until it breaks, and then hope to find another piece. I have played for a while sometimes with no pants. It’s stupid fun.

I can capture thralls, and replace the unattractive ones I have already leveled. Or, I just wander around looking at new clans and their builds. We spend a lot of time in chat with other people, helping them find needed items.

I have also spent a lot of time away from the game, and that helps.


It brings joy to any gamer reading your words, mate. I had an extremely demanding profession most of my life with fortune smiling upon me. I always was able to find time to play hard and be with my family and friends. What we need is a solid time management strategy and task optimization skills, instead of working like grunts like many people do, or are forced to do.
Keep it up! Gaming is not a hobby. It’s a way of life. :blush:

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@Noqturn Wife and I have over 20,000 hours combined
Playstation still learning and enjoying.

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Off topic boys, we’re talking about picks and tiers here lol

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Sorry didn’t go back to the top my bad

Sorry about that, but considering the tone of the OP it looked like a troll post, not really worth responding.

Acheron pick has always been a weird bastard. It has (or used to have?) a higher harvest ratio than hardened steel, but considerably lower durability, so you always ended up with fewer resources per pick with it than with hardened steel.

But, like black ice arrows that are made out of hardened steel but are worse, I guess sometimes applying fancier technology to an existing appliance doesn’t make it better. Just like I don’t need an AI or internet connection to my coffee machine.

Does it make sense out of a game design perspective? No, not really. If Acheronian tools were looted from mid-tier bosses, I could understand the weird tiering, but as they’re craftable, but worse than the more easily crafted tools you can also get as loot, they currently have no role in the game.

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