Game updates that have ruined how the game is now played


I have Been playing Conan since release and I love the gameplay and time wise I have Put in about 8-9 hours a day 3-4 days a week I bought it on the XBOX ONE and The PC. But I have noticed with game updates the DEVs need to start changing things back. because Their is HARD and There is Just stupid. Sorry, but I have to be honest here.

  1. Why does it Take 20 branches to make 1 Pike?
    In real life, as I do survival as a Hobby I can get 1 Branch and I can make 3-4 pikes depending on the Size of the Branch.
    This is just Stupid DEVs so please change it back to what it was.

  2. Star Metal is the Strongest Material out there in the Conan World, and it is a pain to get it, so why does it break just as fast as Hardened Steel Even that is annoying as its breaks fast what is the Point of crafting Tools and weapons in harder materials if they break just as fast as Iron tools. Do you DEVs have any idea about survival at all? I take out with me a Survival Axe and Knife and I only Sharpen these tools every 3-4 survival Camps. So why is it that we look for Star Metal or make Hardened steel and they break constantly and its annoying slog to repair them. The idea here is You make iron tools to mine Iron yes it will wear the tool or break it So then you build a next level tool to Mine Iron ore then it will wear down slower, so make Steel tools, very slow damage then Hardened Steel even slower and then star Metal this stuff should be very very very very very slow. Please change the stats to a REAL… conversation Rate of Damage.
    Because I am not the only one playing this game that is annoyed by this.

  3. Let us be real how does Tool like a Pick- Axe gets damaged hitting a Tree.
    Hitting Stone or coal or Ore yes I get it. But Wood.??? serious.

Yes Use an AXE on a stone you can damage and destroy the AXE, Using a tool for what is not intended then yes it will get blunt or break, that is the chance you take But Come on DEVs a Pick Axe on a tree is not STONE. So why does it break?

  1. This was not an update change but I feel it will make the game better, Harder running into the water of any kind slows you down and depletes stamina. So Shallow water, say a foot or less there will be no Drag, But Knee or Waste hight then there must be Drag, So you cant run and doing so will lower your stamina.

Again in real life if you try to run in waist high water you cant you will slow down to waiding you get Tired Fast, its these tweaks you add to the game that people will love and also hate as its Harder as they can use water as a quick getaway. which they use allot ATM Water in Conan is SAFE, to get away from NPCs and Creatures. You have a lot of water in the game, Some you can swim in, that lowers Stamina so why is it when you can run in waist-high water it’s like nothing is there. But you have No threats in the water no killer fish, No monsters no creatures that EAT YOU ALIVE. Please start adding Piranhas, Pikes, snake fish Conger eels, BIG MONSTERS in the SEA OR RIVERS. make a player think. I cant use the water now as a quick getaway anymore they cant plan there route or escape like its safe anymore.


As a survivalist you shouldn’t even be asking #3 that’s common sense. But I’ll break it down for you, the more a tool is used the more it dulls regardless of the surface it is striking. You should also be aware of the many different species of tree’s, some trees are quite dense and are more than capable of not only dulling a tool but completely breaking said tool.

Also, this is a game, when you go out on a survival adventure do you get attacked by Skeletons or Dragons irl ? Anyone who compares fantasy <<<==== keyword games to rl probably shouldn’t be playing the game if they are unable to differentiate between the two.


I think it goes beyond the material dulling it may even be the handle breaking we just don’t see that in depth play out of durability and repairing.

I don’t see a huge harm when comparing how tools are used in a real world setting just not to the point dragons and other monsters.


Thank you for your reply and I always love to hear peoples views, your right there is a different density of trees. I do like you have broken it down for me. Very kind.
And yes I do know the difference, its just I feel games would benefit a bit more reality to survival But I do appreciate your feedback.
I am sorry but you are very condescending, and I am just a person with suggestions. that is it. But we are all entitled to an opinion. so I appreciate your Canda


There’s a large difference between suggestions and what you postef


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