One step forward, 10 steps back

Im just shaking my head in disbelief… What are you guys doing? You always come up with the most ridiculous “updates” you can think of. So, in this updated you ruined greatswords (useless now), came up with a greataxe which is also useless because for some reason you decided to add “spin to win” mechanic instead of discussing actuall use of the danish axe in real combat with historians, you ruined recipes from high level thrall (if you capture a high level thrall, make him your SLAVE, he wont craft you the recipes he knows unless YOU know them, cos fk logic) and of course, you added paid skins instead of giving us more things to build. And yes, you also ignored the fact that gods are totally broken, should not be in the game and instead of gods we should have a number of siege weapons to choose from so we can finally build FUNCTIONAL BASES INSTEAD OF CUBES ON MOUNTAINS THAT ARE DISGUSTING but somehow provide a little bit of cover from the unending god spam… Did I forget something or…? Oh yeah, undermesh base building, god duping, vault spamming. That about sums it up. Take this as a rant and suggestion combined. But I know none of you read it and this forum is simply to pretend like you care about anything besides milking money.


PS.: Can you finally make a poll or something where you ask the people, who play your game and feed you, what they want?

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PPS.: Still waiting for support of any other keyboard than ENGLISH. Its so tiresome to constantly switch with alt + shift so you can at least switch weapons and back to your original when you want to type something.
Also waiting for the star metal axe…which for some reason is not present in the game…

Could not disagree with you more. IMHO, the sword couldn’t be better. We now have three different attacks and more realistic stamina usage.

This is Conan, not Danish warfighting. Great Axes have always been a group clearing weapon. A battle ax or hand ax is completely different as they are in the game. And yes, they did hear from the community on this. That’s why it was introduced.

Hmm, I don’t have any problems crafting. So, I don’t know what you’re referring to. If it’s a feat that needs to be unlocked, here is something crazy…unlock them? Problem solved. And don’t use the excuse that you’re “out of feat points”. There are ways to get more. I literally have every feat unlocked. It makes my crafting menu HUGE but there is nothing (that I want) to craft that I don’t have unlocked.

Um maybe because the people that purchase DLC are the ones that keep the game growing? Stop freeloading and complaining and purchase the DLC if you want the paid items. The developers don’t work for free and if the game stops making money, they stop development. (Hello…McFly…Are you in there?)

Sounds like you need to learn some PVP Base construction. You can build functional and nice looking bases however if making pretty bases is your reason for playing then PvE servers are where you need to be. PvP is for players that want to build and fight.

On the contrary, a lot of their ideas spawn from these forums. And the milking money comment is rich coming from someone that won’t spend a paultry $10 to get an add on for something they want.

I can tell you, the suggestions from paid players carries a lot more weight than free players. Consider free play a courtesy and thank those of us that support the development and life of the game we enjoy.

I have no reference for this though maybe if players played on servers in their own countries or regions they wouldn’t have such a problem? I’m on an American server and it is constantly filled with non-english players. Not that I have a problem with that but you shouldn’t be complaining about Language issues when you’re not on a server in your region.

As for Star Metal Ax, it already exists. Unless you’re talking about a battle ax and the star metal axes already exist as well. They’re made with Axe hand and Star metal. That’s a star metal ax to me.


Your right on the money, two most disgusting things you can do in the game , one the yellow brick road and two vault/alter spamming. wtf is funcom thinking , do they ever play there own game. suggestion 1/2 bases and you get only 1/2 altar / vaults and they must be inside you home area. number 3 for kicks no building in the the brim pond. is this so hard to do? talk about fucing up a perfectly good game by letting the grefters just spam away fucing up the map and game everybody else. really need to address these issues along with the admin password bullshot thats being swept under the rug.

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The logic may be stupid, I sorta agree with that. But that mechanism exists for game balance reason, not for world-logical reasons. To all intents and purposes, a blacksmith thrall isn’t a person, it’s an upgrade you attach to your workbench.

If you could just unlock better versions of weapons with thralls, there would be little point having weapon crafting feats beyond the level where you can start recruiting “volunteers”.

The fact that you used to be able to craft stuff you didn’t know but your thrall did was a bug, which was fixed in the latest patch.

But does it? Endgame items need endgame things anyway… Like the handles or for the bows…

Endgame items, yes. But there’s a whole lot of life to live before hitting level 60. I still remember the joy of unlocking a steel spear.

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And I can remember, when my Blacksmith could make a battle axe, which I didnt learn and was so happy, that I dont need to invest points into this feat, because when you level up, the points are not that much…
Or dont need to respec, again. And I used that battle axe from lvl50, up to lvl60. Good friend, my Axe :slight_smile:

Now at the endgame, after consuming 2xtablets of power and 2 fragments, I still cannot learn all… Still running out of points and I didnt learn any low-lvl staff, except when you need it.

For normal leveling, this change is bad and will hurt more players then be happy about it…

And logical it makes no sense. Or lets say it otherwise: it all matters, how you define thralls and their ability to craft something.

Maybe, but to me, honestly, its a big letdown. It was fun, strugling to get to level 30, then finally getting a thrall and have a decent weapon. It feels so forced now.

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And the next thing: Why are they STILL showing items/recipes you didnt learn and cannot use at all??

It just sums up how Funcom fixes anything in this game or how the game is general…
With a strange attitude and unlogic mechanics/design patterns.

I made a little base yesterday and needed co craft some things new (wheel of pain, etc.). I need ~10 seconds to scroll down to wheel of pain, maproom, fridge, etc.

Its already a pain in the ■■■ for console users! Its even more a pain in the ■■■, if items need/block space and you cannot craft them. What for??

This was the perfect chance to get rid of blocking items you cannot craft. But nope, still there. Wasting space… Way 2 go…

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To tell the player which options the thrall has available, so the player can invest their Feat points with that in mind. I find this very useful information.

Yes, I agree that the crafting menus are a bloated pain right now, and I’ve been suggesting, praying and asking Santa for better filters for those for months. But I think it’s actually beneficial to see what items a thrall could craft if the player had the right Feats.


Good point. Didnt think about that :wink:

Edit: and why is there no option to search in the menus at the ps4? You can search feats, but not while crafting…

Great Scott!!! What a reference :slight_smile:

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A star metal axe can be crafted in the Ymir alter.

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What are you 2 meaning with star metal axe?

And at the frost smitty you can craft a black ice pick axe.

I agree with you about the greatsword, it’s slower and less useful now and, since we have greataxes now, there is no point to change the style into a sweep n’ spin one.
Historically the greatsword was a really technical weapon to use, of course the previous animation was a bit of a fantasy-style but it fits the role by having a good mix of AoE attacks and more focused slashes. To be honest the actual animation is not bad but it should be a little more quick because, sometimes, the PNG manage to attack mid-combo.
One last thing, swordplay it’s all about parrying and responding, it’s very difficult in a real swordfight to dodge so the best thing is to parry or to deflect the attacks, right now the only way to do it is by using a shield but, again, history tells us that there are tons of tecniques to deflect an enemy’s attack. For me a parry mechanics should be a must.
P.S. my english is not that good, i’m italian, so tell me if something is not clear =)

You can build Foe Shatter which is a one-handed axe made from star metal.

My fault. Mixed up Altar with Frost smith

I assume that as an Italian you’re familiar with Fiore dei Liberi’s works, then?

You’re right, though. Real-world fencing and swordplay is all about parrying and countering. But, most video games adopt the acrobatic dodge mechanic as the main defensive technique because it looks cool and cinematic and is probably a lot easier to program than blocking with a sword would be if you wanted to do it right. The way shields work (and sometimes the way they don’t work) is a good example of this difficulty.

A better parrying mechanic would help make heavy armor more competitive in the game, too. But if I remember correctly, a game developer said on one of their streams that they’re not planning to implement parrying with weapons.