Can´t build in the big nothern cave anymore?

Hey guys and girls,

I downloaded the testliveserver today and went up to the north with my clan to the big cave by “The Crevice” to build up a base there but we can´t anymore. It says that “building is not allowed here”. There is a small spot by the round exit where it allows us to set some foundations but the rest of the big cave we can´t place anything.

Since this is one of the mainspots on pvp and pve servers I wonder if this is a bug or not. On the whole map there are only a few cavespots where you can build with a bigger group of people (and we are actually 12 people in the clan) and this is by far one of the best places to build in the north so why does this cave got blocked for building? When I climb up the mountain on the left side above the cave I get this ghost sound but wasn´t able to find any books or npcs. Maybe there is one and I just didn´t found it yet, but still to block a whole big cave for building just to get an emote or something similar on the mountain on top is ridiculous.

Maybe Funcom can give a statement if it is a bug or not. I really hope it is. Otherwhise they destroyed one of the best spots for big clans to battle there with other big clans.

Push. Sorry, I really would like to get an answer to my question.

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I flew over the place today in sp modus and I think it has something to do with the ruins at “bjornas stand”. I found this new ghost animation where the ghosts use a treb on the ruins.

The whole area around the ruins are a no building zone now which includes the cave, the big mountain behind the ruins (where funcom had once build a castle) and even a wide area of the snow. I am pretty sure now that this is a bug.

This sound like a bug.

We are happy for any reports of places that you cannot build, that you might think is a bug.
Normally non-building zones are restricted around npc camps/cities.

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It got fixed. Just want to let you all know, because its not mentionend in the latest patch notes.

Thank you very much Funcom, that was fast.