Can’t destroy underwater foundations

Is there any way of destroying underwater foundations? I was trying to build a house with a pool but I made some mistakes on the desing. Problem is now I can’t destroy the foundations that are underwater so my construction progress has stopped.

Is it a bug? Is meant to be that way?

You have to dive deep and make sure that the water surface is not between you and the object, or else you cannot interact with it.

Sometimes moving the camera around until the edge of the water surface is at the right angle, will allow you to interact too.

I guess it is not as intended /bugged , you have to work around, but sometimes it’s very hard to dismantle.

Be aware when you are dismanteling under water - (i experienced that) you are prone to die, i died alot :confused:
Think reason was i did not hear the sound of drowning wich doesnt play then somehow, i did not notice the air-progress bar (because: focussed, struggeling with the mouse pos under water.)

No advance warnings like blood on screen you suddenly die.
(But that’s a bug overall)

-Use the (HUD)aimdot visible works better for the angles.(game settings/gameplay)

It is known (i guess) has been reported more times.

Gl :slight_smile:


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