Can’t recruit to Clan

Game mode: Online
Problem: Can’t recruit people to Clan on official
Region: OCE

Everytime go up to someone to recruit to clan I press square and it bugs out and won’t even display to option to recruit

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Are you the clan leader?

Well I’m not even in a clan to begin with I can’t start one because of this bug

You have to create a clan first. Go into the inventory UI and select the clan tab:

Then, type the clan name in the box next to the text that says “Clan Roster”:

When you confirm the name, the clan is created:

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Is this something new they’ve added?
Thank you for the help

It’s always been like that on PC. If it doesn’t work on PS4, I apologize.

It works thank you I will delete this post

Maybe just mark it as solved? In case someone else runs into the same problem and looks for the solution on the forums.

That is how it has been on ps4 all along. I have forgotten a few times could not understand why I couldent recruit oops.

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