I can't create a clan PC/Xbox Game Pass

Hi everyone, I started a coop game so I invited my brother to join me, the mark of the purge its almost reach so I need to create a clan to invite him to interact with my castle and my slaves.

In the menu there is a “clan” tab and it only says, to create a clan start typing the name or something like that but there is not text label to type, neither combo box nor another option, even I had tryed it using my xbox controller, the text shows different like “to start type your clan’s name press Triangle”… y did it and it’s still doesn’t work.

I have even tryed both ways in a online game, official and non official servers and the issue continues, I also tryed on my brother’s computer and it’s the same problem. Please help me!!! How can i fix it?

You posted your issue on the “Age of conan” bug forum, but I think you are playing a different game.