Clan Page on Xbone not working!

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so i recently started playing conan again on xbox. i am the leader of my clan. the clan page isnt working for me. it wont let me highlight a single clan member to make my friend the leader of my clan temporarily so i can remake my character. any help with figuring out how to fix the problem would be great.

This has happened to our clan on official server. I’m the tribe leader and cant click on anything in the clan tab. Nor can any of my members.

same issue for me and everyone who i know on the server, clan page is not working

I just started on an official server and several players from multiple clans reported the same issue. So I can’t join a clan cause no one can access their clan menu. One clan said their leader got banned and even if the clan page gets fixed they have no idea how to get rid of the banned leader. This is obviously a big problem for vets of the servers but as a new player I’m at a substantial disadvantage if I am forced to remain alone.

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