No clan leader Glitch 3.0

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Server type: [ Select one: PvP ]
Region: [ Oceanic ]
Hardware: [ Xbox Series S ]

Bug Description:

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Let’s try to get this bug fixed for the 4th time. I am honestly sick and tired of reporting the same thing, and getting the same response. I’ve been told numerous times to report this as a offical bug report to zen desk, yet I get the same thing over and over again, that they will look into it. Well, while you’re looking into it developers, I am getting banned on my account that I have played Conan on since day one.

So, here we go again. The bug is where I am stuck in my clan with a toxic teammate whom is exploiting the game in order to get me banned so I cannot play Conan anymore.

Whenever I try and leave the clan to distance myself from this cheating player, I get a message saying the I cannot leave because I am clan leader, yet there is no clan leader emblem next to my name, only an officer one.

Same thing goes for trying to kick this player, i cannot because I do not have the clan leader emblem next to my name. I have tried literally EVERYTHING. Clearing my cache, attempting to recreate my character, finishing the game (which also recreates your character), yet nothing works because I am apparently leader. I am utterly stuck with this player, and will get permanently banned because of it.

I have just come off a 7 day ban for claim spam, so no doubt give it a couple days and I will get banned again. I have been forgotten about, and am being played by a system that is in place to protect players.

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  1. Look at my past reports and you will see, no point adding the steps because they will be ignored.

Damn you really are stuck not being able to recreat character. @Community any suggestions to force character recreation?

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I don’t know that sounds painful…

Probably doesn’t help but how did this even end up being a situation?.. the same thing stopping you from leaving should have stopped your clan leader from leaving… maybe he did the artifacts and removed bracelet? (I would suggest that but if you do not have the artifacts that might take a long time especially if it doesn’t work…)… maybe try filing an appeal to zendesk with picture evidence of your clan having no leader so you can not leave… would give you a solid case for appeal if anything.

Sorry I’m not sure what to suggest at this point

It was completely an accident. I was trying to change leadership over to one of my clan mates, and I got demoted, but he never get promoted!!

We already tried the artifacts unfortunately :(. He got the same message, that he needs to promote someone else to leader because he can’t recreate my character, but obviously he can’t do this.

Now he can’t leave the clan or change leadership to someone else. For this other person, he is purposely not leaving the clan because he knows that my mate can’t escape the clan, so he is breaking offical server rules to get me permanent banned.

Like I said in my earlier post, he has just come off a 7 day ban from him blocking content in order to get us banned. He even spam claimed brimstone (which I had to spend 2 hours picking up). It seems we are here trying to improve the experience of Conan for other players, while the developers and watching with popcorn as we get banned over and over again.

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