Cannot leave my tribe, unresponsive leader

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2852

Bug Description:

Tribe leader is no longer logging in, I cannot leave the tribe as iam an officer. It is not possible to get the leader online to demote/kick me. I just want the ability to leave and create my own tribe. I am max level and this is my very first Conan toon and I don’t want to lose my progress.

Bug Reproduction:

It’s active 24/7

Hello there @arsonist66 and welcome to our forums!

Thank you for taking the time to report this to us.

Regarding the situation at hand, does the option “Leave clan” show up for you under the “Clan” tab?

Yes it does. It prompts me with an error message

“As a clan leader you can not leave while there are still members in your clan. You must promote another clan member in order to lose your rank”

Problem is, I have tried to promote somebody but I cannot promote to an officer because iam one. I have tried to kick the leader but It will not give me the prompt.

Doesnt that suggest that youre the clan leader? Can you kick others off the clan and then disband the clan?

It is suggesting iam the clan leader but I don’t have any of those leader rights, ( promote someone to officer, change tribe name, etc.) Nor do I even have the symbol in the clan menu that states iam leader.

I am new so I cannot post a picture but i cannot do anything at all, not even leave.

Does the clan leader symbol show on anyone? Maybe theres been some hiccup on passing the leader status to you.

Yes it shows on the original clan leader, he and I are the only ones in the clan. My symbol is an officers, his shows clan leader.

What you said is possible but he never told me he gave it to me. I did ask a long time ago be he never responded.

Thank you for getting back to us!

You should now be able to post screenshots, if possible, please include a screenshot demonstrating your rank and the error message being displayed when trying to leave.

Iam esidisi and the leader is Kars

Thank you for your report and for the screenshots @arsonist66!

We’ll go ahead and report this situation through the appropriate channel.

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