Can’t travel by removing bracelet

I played Siptah on a private server a few months ago and we could remove our bracelet to travel to our spawns or the quadrants. I am on my own server and while remove bravelet is an option it doeasn’t work. Did they change this?

I personally have never heard of it being changed. I haven’t tried it in a while either though so…

Quadrants? Maybe that server was using Pippi to override the desert spawn point with a custom one.

The server probably had turned off the loose items upon death. So wherever u r on map all u need to do is remove bracelet and spawn either at bed or bedroll and voila ! U r @ur base with all ur stuff… This is something that does not have the same effect on officials as the setting is to loose ur stuff upon death… so where u die, all stuff remain there …

Edit: try setting loose item upon death on settings of ur server to off and probably u will have the effect u r used to…

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This is on Isle of Siptah and you can respawn at your bed or bedroll or one of four quadrants.

I never lost my stuff, when I respawned I had everything. There is no fast travel on Siptah so this is how we would get back to base or to the other side of the continent on there.

I’ll use drop my stuff and see if it works but I hope it doesn’t drop my stuff if it does.

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I am a bit confused here so let’s take it step by step if you may please.
“In your own server”
You mean you rented a server from g portal, or you play single player?
Pc, Xbox or Playstation?

That’s because you were playing on a private server that was configured that way.

This is the setting you want to turn off:

Bear in mind that this doesn’t control only what happens when you pull the bracelet off. Instead, it applies to death of any kind.


Thanks but that didn’t work either. I guess I’ll just be doing a lot of running.

Did you turn it off? In my screenshot, it’s on. It needs to be off.

Yes. Turned off the server, made the change, restarted still doesn’t work. I may repair when I get off tonight and see if that helps.

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