Can the sprint bug be fixed fast like skeleton key chests triple patches

This sprint bug is yet again killing the game for a lot of folks, especially controller users, like i said many times i love Conan but this bug needs to be dealt with asap, since we kinda just waited how long to get numerous bug fixes last patch just to have sprint totally mangled for controllers. The skeleton key chests were patches fast, can the same be done to fix what messed up sprinting? Ie sprint not turning off when fully stopped.

I’m only ranting because i had to put the game down from the white wall and the instaggerable npcs……and now it’s all fixed and we have this stupid stamina bug

I know It’s not intended but can we get a deadline on when this can be fixed so i can stop playing for a while and come back once it’s sorted out……just getting pretty overwhelming being pushed away every single patch……

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Like beyond overwhelming at this stage for me……

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There must be a workaround because I only play with controller on pc and dont have this problem, did someone find a workaround?

I am on Ps4 server boosted stamina and it runs down fast and trying to build sucks would hate to be on a official server’s right now.

Maybe pc just is lucky enough to not really have the bug as bad? Most I’ve knowen to have it are console monkeys like me

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I find it pretty easy to deal with, and in a few ways I oddly prefer the “toggle” sprint. Mainly because it’s easier on my hands.

I do hope they fix it soon though, because I don’t think I’ve seen a single person with anything positive to say about it besides myself

I use a controller on PC.

The toggle sticks when you go to run, I just make sure to toggle it off and watch myself and remember to toggle it off. If thats all the problem is - yes its annoying but manageable until they fix it and I wouldn’t classify it as nuking the game experience.

For myself it wreaks it for now, for the fact i have messed up wrists and nerves so with the amount I’m having to click it off and on since the update has just become a headache and a half. (I got my muscle memory down good tho so base game controls are no issue most of the time)

That’s why hopefully one of the mods can give us an answer on this if this is something they have to wait a long while until the next big patch or can it be fixed easily like the skeleton key chest quick fixes we got one after another a few weeks ago

Just went and tested, only happens to me in online servers, I added that information to the bug report, in single player it dosent happen. Hopefully will help then find the cause.

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I wouldn’t mind it, but it stays active after you come to a complete stop, and when fighting pvp you move to “side step” and consume valuable stamina because you forgot you were in sprint mode still.

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