Can we get a proper buildable bar?

Like the one seen in Conan’s bar in set city?


Great idea Arsenalcontrol. Ask any barbarian if he would like to have his own bar, and I would wager the answer would be a resounding “YES”. Nothing says barbarian life like excessive drinking and a bar brawl when hes not on an adventure. Upvoted. TO A BUILDABLE BAR!! :beers:


To a buildable bar !!! :beers:



With a nice T4 Cook in Thrall slot as a barmaid to shake cocktails!!! :woman_cook:t6: :cocktail:


Yeah, I’m a little tired of using improuved stove for that :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely Ko6ka, and a nice dancer right nearby. Im taking it a bit further here I know, but if we had a sitting animation for the stools like we do for the throne, only with our character holding a cup, that would be cool.


I use the crappy stove instead of the improved. Stick a fence in front, a keg, a barrel and some tankards and candles on top and it looks pretty good.

Noticed a couple of the sepers bars appear at flotsam in testlive.

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Use the following.

Use insulated wooden fenses with the nobby things pointed inwards.

So you basically create 2 rows of fenses set paralel on a line of foundations. The knobby things should be facing each other.

Fill in the space in between with wooden tables. Add some thin carpets on top for table clothes or just leave the wood.

Now you have a bar


There’s a mod that adds the bar pieces - can’t remember precicely which one it is. Might be Savage Steel, but can’t be 100% on that. I got too many mods in my game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Simpler, just use a wall shelf on those insulated fense and here you go^^

I have done this. For some reason the tables look shinier like polished wood on regular bars. I am in process of building one on my outdoor patio.

i wan’t some screen !

With a mug made from the skulls of our enemies would be preferable :grin:

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Yeah, I guess this is the only way to do it currently. It just doesn’t quite work right in the place I’m trying to build it (where a square and wedge meet). I’d like to see a proper bar with the corner pieces, plus Conan’s bar just looks really cool

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Good idea.
I have done this to create a stage for some of my dancers in my out of town house of ill repute.

I’ll make it and screen it tonight or tomorrow

Why Arsenalcontrol you say all of the nicest things. Is there any other kind! Well I suppose it could also be charred or caked with blood for good measure, but I digress. I love the idea of having that bar in my base. Just look at all of that bench and shelf space for decorations.

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I use the fences with shelves attached approach with a few mugs but use taxidermied imps as barmen but would love an actual bar with a thrall attached.

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Sorry, can you take screenshots of how you made the bar and the dance floor? I don’t understand how to implement it from the text, as I use the translate

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