Bar and Nightclub

I am sad my newly built bar and nightclub that i built with the new pieces that were available will have to be torn down! .
It had 8 performers 2 female barmaids and 2 bouncers outside will have to be destoyed due to the new limit that you have brought in , THANK YOU for your understanding and well thought out plan in implementing bar pieces and barman/ladies clothes.
R. I. P…


If people had a good thought out solution to deliver along with every whine, we’d be colonizing alpha centauri by now.

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I feel for you, a lot of us had a few thralls that were used as rp elements in builds just to make things look more alive, my hope is that Funcom at some point will allow us to have a few thralls set to be passive for rp besides the thrall/pet cap :slight_smile:

FC need only implement static thralls or official thespians in form animated structures as opposed to pawns.

I’m willing to bet that 100 wheel of pains have less effect on server tick, than 100 thralls do.

I don’t see why dancers or …bartenders need to be pawns.

A dancer could do as an animated furniture, radiating soothing, and select which dance ought to be danced.

… perhaps create ballistas into which a thrall can be stationed into for purge defence. The server needs not calculate pathing this way, and the transform of the ballista needs just be “lookat();”. Ballistas can have a minimum placement distance to one another like the shrines and stationed thralls are excused from the 55 cap.


I am all for limits on thralls but not a blanket limit on all styles, This culling is needed, but the fact we still have thralls from guildmates that are floating in the sky or were lost in mesh they need to make a way for us to mass delete, and they should have different limits for different styles of thralls, I don’t know how hard it would be to separate different kinds of Thralls but it will make it so they won’t be used to as Macdor stated. no more Thralls and pets to make the world feel more alive. I agree we need limits but this blanket fix added to the fact we cant call all thralls home or have a list to delete the thralls we don’t want. This just feels like a bad thing to do and we still don’t have a clue on what will break and the bugs we will have after the update.

I would advise against tearing it down. There’s still hope, because the community has been very outspoken about this change. Besides, it’s probably a good idea to play for a while with the new changes and keep engaging Funcom in the forums.

Here are just a few of the many possible outcomes:

  • Everyone wipes out their deployed thralls, starts playing with new ones and figures out how to squeeze into the cap. I’m not very optimistic about that one, but it’s possible.
  • Some of the PVE/RP builds remain empty until Funcom implements decorative-only thralls. They didn’t say they would, but since the news of the patch hit the players, it has become one of the very popular demands.
  • Maybe they’ll raise the cap or alter the cap formula slightly, so that the patch isn’t so problematic for builders.

So hold out for hope :wink:

I imagine that if every doctor driving a car over a pothole-ridden road stopped to build a better road, we would have excellent roads :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, those dumb, uneducated, unwashed, unenlightened masses of players, they’re so ungrateful :wink:

Yeah. Really, really bad timing. There was always going to be plenty of pushback against a change like this, but right on the heels of Debaucheries of Derketo? It’s almost comical :slight_smile:

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In addition to “Break Bond” it would be in place to have sacrifices added the temples of Set and Yog. I would gather Thralls just for the sake of it!

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