Thrall Limit Increase?

Would be possible to raise the thrall limit? There are a few decorative pets I’d like to have and the possibility to purchase more, but when it comes to actual thralls vs a decoration I have to chose the thrall. This also impact my purchasing decision in the Bazaar


The limit is a server setting, so yes, it is “possible.”

However, if you are suggesting raising it on official servers, I think that will eventually become a necessity if they plan to make all crafter thralls into normal followers.


Maybe they can do it sooner rather than later :smiley:

A huge part of me applause your prediction, yet a small part is hiding fear. This new bartender system already offers huge lags. If any player starts placing bars everywhere in the map and thrall limit rise then i don’t know exactly where performance will go, it’s already “red” , at least on PlayStation servers and i don’t believe that pc servers are better. Don’t forget that purges can already crash the servers. Since the new update “connection lost” is back.
So yes, i would love to see higher thrall limit on official servers, but not in the condition official servers are for the moment.


LOL! oh imma testing the limits ha!

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Outside of the option where offline players remain in world, the thrall limit is probably the highest contributor to degraded server performance. Its why many servers tend to be quite a bit more restrictive in this regard.

I think on the last server I played on it was 6+3. But I’ve seen them even tighter than that.

Yeah I don’t believe the limit will increase on officials.

If they make craft thralls count toward the limit then definitely. At least make them not follower and only for craft tables until you place them so they dont count toward the limit. Otherwise i get why they limit it in official but maybe a increase of 5 or 10 would be nice

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Likewise lol.

And today i had my first almost decent visit

Not to mention that after all this time my thralls are sitting on chairs to round stygian tables full of goodies on them.
I really love the whole “alive and decent living base” that’s why we buy things, to play with them. But we need better officials!


Playing on official servers is about to get super fun when all bench thralls count towards your follower limit.

Funkhram, putting the offal in official!

If they make it so that, as long as a thrall is stationed at a bench, they are subtracted from the follower limit, they may be able to leave the limit where it is without much issue - gameplay-wise at least, I do not know what kind of performance impact the stationed thralls will have when compared to normal guarding thralls or crafter thralls as they currently function.


5 or 10 would be great, I’d even be happy if they were not followers at all, just a few animations, and sit/lay/eat in one spot or small area to just be the decorations they are cause Crom know we can’t take them anywhere with us as followers anyways

If, as Dennis said in a Q&A, they eliminate the ability to KO NPCs, I wonder how we will perform the sorcery options?

Do I walk up to a bar patron and ask, “How much to suck your soul from your body? Slit your throat?”

I agree that if a crafter is ‘on station’, they should not count as a follower.


Better thralls, less thralls. It’s a lag fest as it is. @stelagel is absolutely right.
I would lower their cap even harder.


:rofl::rofl::rofl:. Thanks m8, i really needed this.

I don’t know, Dennis said that they will change their “system” and focus more in performance. Let’s cross fingers m8. Even in single player we have annoying little bugs that appear on fight.
Christmas and hope walk together. But after Christmas i have to say a lot this time. They tried to make pve difficult with a wrong way, really wrong way.

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there has got to be a another way to lower lag, as someone was pointing that private servers will limit thralls to way lower count, in my experience those servers will also limit base size, how many you can have, and even restrict the use of lighting that uses flames. All trying to lower the impact on their servers.

Those servers also have 70-100 max players. The game’s recommended max is 40. They are sacrificing a bit of playability for sociability.

I understood it a bit differently…
He said: You’ll never knock a person out, put them in a wheel and then just have an item you transfer around workstations

What he meant was that crafter thralls would become followers that physically followed you and could be dressed up like current follower thralls and assigned to workstations :wink:

Still it does raise the question, will these crafter thralls count towards the thrall limit?

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They’ll have to change how the thrall limit works.

Not having them count towards the limit raises the issue of them being spammed as cheap base defenders.
Having them count towards the limit means you have less room for actual defenders.
Assuming crafters will be substandard fighters, that is. If not, then it’s not really an issue.

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If they are like barkeeps, yes. Yes they will.

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