Can we get a short invincibility

We all have seen the complaints and bug reports about the disconnecting problem. I was thinking and could we get a brief invincibility or invisibility when we disconnect from the server? I do see the problems this could lead to, such as abusing it in PvP by combat logging. I personally think the pros outweigh the cons on this one. When one of our games crash we are more likely than not going to be slaughtered in our absence, a brief means to allow us to get back into the game without being punished for something that isn’t our own fault. Merely a suggestion and far from perfect, but I think until the core issue of the crashing gets polished I feel this is something we should at least mitigate until we can fix it.

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ON PVP it sounds cool. Maybe a timer/small delay for it so no one could abuse the system like in empyrion.
After log out you can have an offline protection system but with a little bit delay after you gone. (so like 5-10 seconds later. this way that 2 combo needed to kill you can be done, but within that 10 sec environment liek temperature or even sandstorm shouldn’t be able to kill you.

ON PVE I would ask for the old system back: body disappear when logging off/disconnecting totally. No sense to have unconscious bodies lying all around. cannot loot them cannot drag them … it is just a liability for someone ie you cannot log out inside your safe house when in the volcano. or else you end up loosing everything when you wanna play next day.

Same applies to than if one have some half hour internet shortage in the middle of nowhere and logging back in just too see: loosing everything being in desert naked so all the gear needs to be re crafted again. And some materials require to clear a dungeon again. (like kingscourge heart for the only viable 2h sword)

So either make the body disappear totally or The “loot” stay forever or even teleporting back to a dedicated chest next to the bed…
This latter one would be an ugly solution but still better than loosing everything like twice a week.

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So, what about the PvE - Conflict servers? The ones that mix PvE and PvP.

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they already has a system to diferenciate between PVE and PVP.

Use that. when PVP hours game should work as PVP and on PVE hours game should work as PVE.
on change these can change too. to have or not have one’s body in the game world.

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I like it, seems like a good balanced system for both servers. Hopefully, we can get some dev attention and see what they would think about it.

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We need @Spynosaur_Nicole to take an eye or two on to this thread :smiley: