PvE is a bit illogical

I’ve been talking in General Chat with a few players on my server, and we seem to all agree with the following:

ISSUE 1: Leaving unconscious players in the PvE game makes no sense.
They can’t be hacked up by other players, and they can’t be destroyed by monsters.
NOTE: I don’t think PvE Players should be able to hack each other up. Regardless if they’re dead/unconscious/alive.

Suggestion: I don’t know if this is true, but I assume that players are left in the game (after they log out) so that monsters can still kill them for X minutes. If that is the case, then keep the player in the game for X minutes ONLY. They serve no purpose staying in the game other than causing additional server lag.

ISSUE 2: Boxes and doors have no “unlock” option.

Suggestion: Boxes and doors should stay “auto-locked” by default. But Players absolutely should have the option to lock/unlock whatever they want. Many PvE players enjoy helping other players and want to leave “presents” for people who visit their base.

ISSUE 3: Players cant kill each other, but they can hack up each other’s bodies?
That makes zero sense on a PVE server.

Suggestion: I feel like the issue speaks for itself here. If you cant harm other players, you shouldn’t be able to hack up their bodies and take their stuff.


I agree that on PvE we should not be able to hack another player up.

However, I think for right now, until there is some fix for the disappearing bodies for people, we may still need this ability.

This happened two nights ago and I’m thankful I could hack up my clan mates body so he could get his stuff back. Friend died, he ran back, he could not see his body but I could. We tried running away, coming back, logging off, so on. Finally as a last resort I hacked at his body until it disappeared and he could get all his loot from the giant bag that fell in his bodies place.

On a side note. I believe unless it is turned off on a private server, your body is in the game and kill able by monsters forever. I do not think there is a time limit on this.

Yea I see what you’re saying. It is nice to hack up a body to help someone out.
But maybe it should be limited to Friend’s List or Clan?

on PvE the players should just phase out like the option private servers have. It’d def ease up on server resources

We hack all humans into hide if they passout in the open.
We are equal opportunity skinners, human, NPC, it all makes tar.

I’m more concerned about the players whose houses have decayed and disappeared .
Right now on my official server there is an unconscious body and 3 dancers floating in mid air 30 meters out from a cliff in the swamp. They’d have to be 30m off the ground also.
To test it out, I was able to build a small house out from the cliff and around them, locking them in.

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I completely agree on the lock/unlocking part…

It was there in early access, and I feel it should still be there. As you say, the default setting should be locked, but I think everything, even crafting stations and altars, should have the option of being locked or unlocked…

Of course, this might (it may also not of course) take away the requirements of clanning together, but it’d still be an incredibly nice thing… I’d personally start renting houses out if that became a thing

Yea Honky, that’s been annoying me too. And I think it’s only adding to server lag. :persevere:

I have a few houses around me that have decayed, but the Player put a few items directly on the earth, so they aren’t decaying. And no one can reclaim that land while those buildings are still there.

A few thralls that weren’t placed around buildings are also just floating there.
We want to start a clothing fund for these orphaned thralls, but Funcom wont let us!
They just keep saying “you cant touch this” #hammertime

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