Can we get some more settings instead of editing ini files?!

I asked for some of these even before release, but after reinstalling game again few days ago, I see nothing really changed in settings. I will start with most annoying option that is missing.

  1. Mouse acceleration/smoothing or “bEnableMouseSmoothing=True”
    This option can be only changed in default input file (installdir\ConanSandbox\Config), which means if I validate/move files or game gets an update, I need to go back to ini file and change this option back to false. I will not explain why this probably should not even exists in 2020…

All other options are saved in “installdir\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor”

  1. This I did not requested before, but, how about giving us slider for resolution scaling (“sg.ResolutionQuality” it is saved in GameUserSettings.ini) and ability to actually type in desired number? People might have higher res monitor and their card is not strong enough for Conan Exiles, or maybe they just want to increase performance a bit while keeping rest on the eye candy. Sure, you can lower resolution, but lets face it, UI will never be as sharp as in native res. Talking about sharp UI, sharpness effect can somewhat negate lower res scale, as well to combat blurry AA choices UE4 has…

  2. More choices in general instead of presets (these are all located in scalability.ini). Why is texture filtering (r.MaxAnisotropy) tied to texture size?! Why we can’t disable DoF (r.DepthOfFieldQuality)?! Why we can’t disable Ambient Oclussion (has multiple options)?! Why are footsteps turned on ultra effects only (I have no idea what option is that)?! Its just footsteps effect, it can definitively run on every PC that can run conan . Why we can’t adjust bloom quality (r.BloomQuality)? I would even give people option to disable shadows completely if they need all of the performance they could get. Low preset is just terrible, I would rather play the game with no shadows for example (probably because shadows are pixelated even at ultra, just hidden with blur/softening shadows effect, this is a reason why shadows twitch)

Probably none of these will make it into the game, but at least there are ini files… Funcom obviously does not like giving away QoL settings to us…


I have to rebind the console per this after updates before I can reliably jump the Wine Cellar bridge.

Have you tried to copy/paste both lines in users input.ini (installdir\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor)? If console binds work from there, you won’t need to update binds every time validation happens.

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