Can we have partners/husbands/wives?


Hi guys,
recently I was looking at the loading screen art that you get when anima-warping to Agartha, and I noticed what seemed to be a lesbian couple in the lower left corner (they were holding hands). That got me thinking, it would be a very cool idea to add some NPCs into the storyline that you could team up with/marry. I would love to get some nice husband material for my templar :slight_smile:


I reckon quite a few roleplayers already have this. My character is married. Find someone you like playing with and go for it.

ETA: There’s also one of Jung’s missions that touches on this. Probably not something they’ll be adding in as a game mechanic but it’s there in the background.


Hawthorne: “Player do you take this NPC to be your lawfully wedded spouse?”

Player: silence

NPC: “Ehem, darling?”

Player: silence

Geary: “I OBJECT! It’s me you want, not them!”

Player: silence


Well, if they did add that, it would answer one of my questions here:


Perhaps for 3000 Aurum?


More likely …

The Marriage Certificate will drop from a lootbox costing 125 aurum, and have a drop chance of 1 drop in 200 opened boxes.


One of these days wedding rings will be purchasable again.


Maybe do it like ESO instead where two players can get married? Certainly more immersive than talking to an NPC who repeats the same things.


I might be getting old, but didn’t RPers ‘get married’ at least as far back as Ultima Online without any actual need for some in-game system to proclaim they did? It’s not like non-RPers are going to care.


I don’t see the need for an in-game mechanic to support player-to-player relationships, either. It would be nice if the aforementioned wedding (and engagement) rings would be returned to the store. Name changes (including last names) can already easily be purchased.

But, for example, paying an NPC to marry two player characters, to me, feels like the MMO equivalent of going to Vegas.

Player-to-NPC romance? No, thanks. Leave that to single player games, please.

Side note: In EverQuest, Guides (think volunteer GMs with limited powers) would often officiate player wedding ceremonies.


Hell no. This game doesn’t need to be Dragon’s Age or Mass Effect or anything else with ѕhitty relationship sims built into them. If you want to RP it, then RP it. But leave the NPCs alone.


But… I wanna ask Nassir out to the Kingsmouth Academy prom dance!

NPCs You Wish You Knew

Actually that is Jung’s only mission, and it deals with–surprise suprise–some basic Jungian psychological concepts. This was one of my favorite missions, as it is one of the only times we are asked to think about our characters as people, not just fashionable pawns caught up in an antideluvian conflict.

As for the question at hand, you mean like, can we get relationship meters and cutscenes and try to woo Cassie or Nassir or Amir (talk about a hot date!) If that is the case, no thanks. While the relationship system in SWToR was definitely a highlight of the game, it was also grating at a times if you picked a job and gender combo with suitors you just didn’t like. In SWL, there hasn’t really been any NPC we get to know well enough to “date” ingame, save possibly our handlers, and I doubt any of them would be down for that. There are plenty of PCs run by players that you can get into contact with to enjoy a relationship, if that is what you want to go for.


…aren’t most of the NPCs we meet in game pretty much screwed anyway? Generally they’re normal humans who are going to die of infection/go insane/get eaten by a gribbly/etc?


Let’s see… 1. I hate the idea of marrying on any of existing NPCs with their stories and characters… 2. and also they are alone and we are thousands, which is also reason I wouldn’t like even new characters that are created to be married on. 3. I’d wish to be one who decide what kind of person it will be, not something generic. 4. Marrying on other players would be nice, I guess, but as far as I see, story in this game doesn’t really count there are more than one main character in there so it would be 100% cosmetic and not affecting missions or anything at all. I’d prefer rather an apartment for our characters - THIS is OK to use with thousands people at a time in my eyes at least, it can be instanced and individualized.


Indeed. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Found this recently when looking through the list of youtube channels I’d subbed to throughout the ages…


I wouldn’t say that’s a bar exactly. The game sees only one player only when it comes to major story line points (only one person takes on Beaumont for instance) but we’re not the only bee that Gaia has called upon - we’re the new guard as Sonnac calls us. There are missions that imply us crossing over with our opposite faction agents (the Tokyo garage, the yet-to-be-readded run through Agartha). So even accounting for big plot points, I think player marriage isn’t locked out on that ground.

Different discussion, but totes yes. A Tokyo one with lots of traps in the corridors? Or maybe claiming the pent house once it is vacated. Then there are things like Solomon Island man caves, Egyptian tombs, Carpathian lodges we could grab. Plus a faction city one as a starter of course, though considering rent prices in all these cities it won’t be an apartment just off Ealdwick, we’d be grabbing a tube train out 4 zones to live in a closet next to a pervy landlord (no resentment at London rental market here…). I doubt we’d see this come up until the story is in full flow again though.


That might be a real good idea for Funcom to do, even. Probably can reuse a bunch off assets, could have some customization options, and it’d work well for monetization with RPers.

If the engine supports implementing instanced housing, anyways.


i feel you ;_; Why is Funcom so cruel??


Including Nassir.