E.W.B. aka Exiles with Benefits

Okay I love this game so far and hope to see more content coming. I will say that if I could suggest a few ideas as add ons that I feel will only make things better.

  1. Allow Marriages to Thralls & Other Players: I believe adding more romantic sequences can be beneficial to players in terms of expanding the game’s social dynamic. Allowing players to marry and form relations with npcs could be used in purpose for gaining shared respawn locations, speciality items, and carrying extra loot on npc’s without the hassle of self encumberence. This will add deeper narratives to our own unique stories and even use them as bargaining tools for resources.

  2. Wagons/Pull Carts: Hauling loads of materials to one place to another at long distances can be tiresome. But allowing us to store rocks, wood, etc. on the back of a player controlled cart could make for quicker progress in terms of base construction and relocation.

  3. Professions: Sure we’re all warriors and to some extent you can be whoever. But if we could get a host of side missions that could act as jobs for end game progress that’ll be great. Ex.Going to the local tavern and getting a hunting contract to slay a troublesome beast. Or even become an assassin and kill for profit or become a slave trader and put your spare thralls into human service at a brothel. All in exchange for rewards like additional armors, weapons, and resources.

  4. Player Reputation: This is Conan after all and what is Conan without the reputation as a master swordsman. We should be able to see who’s who in terms of their social status. Players should be allowed to become a local legend on their server based off their survival rating. For example the longer you go without dying or being hit in combat. Could be determined by a ranking system ranged at a score rating of 1-3, with 3 being the highest. And even earn titles from your continued exellence as an exile.

  5. Active Radar For Clan Members/Active Rivals: This is a huge one for I believe most players. We need to be able to see where our allies locations are on the map. Its very annoying trying to find friends locations without any visual reputation. Even adding in tracking our enemies at a last location would be useful other than a screen prompt on who killed you. We should be given an outlet for a second chance at redemption without having to guess where our enemies are. At least be allowed to see where they are on map for just 10 minutes. This will help with making Pvp servers more engaging in terms of wanting physical conflict. Without the problem of losing everything and expand on the seedy narrative of the game.

  6. Birthing Children: Lets give some purpose to the endowments and nudity. Sure its funny but what if there was a benefit to having bigger you know whats. Then I think people will see the reasoning for such a tool. Allowing us to have a child or two could be played to the system much like a thrall. In terms that if two players marry each other and bare a son or daughter depending on their physical makeup could give stats to a thrall with special perks. For example bigger *D’s or breasts grants the future kin a +2 strength rating. Or smaller height gives the npc +2 agility and accuracy. Even mixing certain races and religions together can be beneficial to one’s standing. Of course you have to have a counter for all this in regards to balancing the game. But choosing a proper companion could be as important and as fun as finding a proper base location. You could even have a 90 minute pregnancy simulation for the females. In which their belly expands every 30 minutes that acts like trimesters in a virtual 9 month pregnancy. Of course her hunger rating depletes a tad faster due to carrying the needs for herself and your next of kin. After the 90 mintues expires the child is born and would be a full adult but a randomized version of both player’s characters features. This will create more personal relationships between players and give the roleplaying community some deeper backstory.

I have loads of ideas but these were just a few examples on what I think will make Conan Exiles even better than before.

*Also can NA players PLEASE!!! get full nudity as a patch download from the PS Store much like the xbox and PC players. This way the community doesnt feel so bias as to which platforms are getting better content. I think its only fair we all paid the same amount of money and recieve the same content. Hell if you need to charge 3.99 for it do it but damn it just give us playstation players some fair treatment too. I shouldnt have buy two versions of the same game just to get an original feature. This is so possible and it wont effect the general sales or esrb rating because it would be a digital add on and not part of the base game. And Id even say make the Royal Armor and Atlantean Sword as purchaseble dlc too.

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please scrap this thread,

Re-post it in 2 years.

At this stage the thralls are useless they don’t even work in basic combat i’m sure not everyone will agree with me but this is my experience and that of my clan mates

Instead of foaming at the mouth for these naked NPCs, trying to marry them, and wanting to impregnate them in a game, why not go outside in the real world and get yourself a girlfriend? I’m not even trying to be mean, I’m seriously giving you some crucial real world advice. You’re taking gaming a little too far.

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Wow thanks guys -__-. No one here is foaming at the mouth you moron its just another way to equalize the product. Also the system has both a logical sense as well as a virtual sense. No one said that a Kin system would be used as a baby maker 2.0. Its simply there so that the players could dictate better quality thralls and could use them as a spawn point without using a bedroll. Because the thralls have no real benefits other than just being npcs. But if this was added in any other game with the same practical idea people would be like thats dope. But theres really no point of all the nudity if you dont apply reasoning. I get plenty of ■■■ off the game bro Im just simply throwing a social option out there. Thats all…

Look up the settlement system, that’s something we should continue to push for. Not some Sims garbage where you make love with fake nude girls in a video game. NPCs already are used for many things, rather than “nothing”, like you claimed. They improve your efficiency in what they specialize in and even protect your base. The nudity in the game is not there for you to get aroused, make love with them, form relationships, and have children. Nudity is nudity, there is no point, it just adds to the atmosphere of the game.

You guys act as if I said we want ■■■■■ and ■■■ scenes I never said that…What are you missing about that? Nobody said playing parents its just an idea as another way for players to benefit from being allies. If you dont want it fine, stfu then because some people will see the sense in it. You dont even work for Funcom so your comments are beyond relevant. God I never seen someone so bothered by an idea simply an idea. Doesnt mean they will apply it as exact. You act as if I said hey lets make em have ■■■ full blown ■■■■ style. Besides this is Conan theres plenty of ■■■ and offspring characters within the book series. So what Im saying isnt really far fetched. Youre okay with dicks swinging around but applying a family system to make sense of that is blasphemy? Get over yourself please man you sound dumb.

You could do both systems and both be fully practical.

  1. Idk man, I always thought that was a little much, like when fable did it.

  2. YES! Why is not a thing

  3. I do not want to see side quests, tavern go fetch quests or anything along those lines in this game please for the love of the gods no. It did give me an interesting idea though, player set contracts like in EVE, it could work into the player reputation system as well, the only problem is who cares about currency in this game right now lol.

  4. Some sort of title related leader boards would be pretty cool, I’d love to be the guy who runs from the most fights lol.

  5. As much as I would want to know where my allies are it just doesn’t make sense emersion wise, maybe a some sort of tracking system where players leave tracks (tracks that quickly disappear)

  6. Again I think it’s a little weird but if they were to add this they would absolutely also have to add kidnapping and what would make everyone butt hurt the most, killing babies and children (insert evil laugh) CAN YOU IMAGINE? People would lose their minds, I’m laughing at just the thought, I may need help

Somethings is like to add;
Equipping your npcs
The ability to have an army, and it actually work, I’m not sure what all would need to go into this, maybe some sort of war table with slots to fill for soldiers, roles, formations. It would likely make the game very laggy and would be hard to implement and use but it’s something I always wanted when I first heard of this game, open combat, slaves armies fighting for the glory of their masters.
Player made contracts as I said before, body guards, woodcutters , miners gathers, delivery people, breaking a contract show on your record as does completing
Only one god at a time. You should only be able to worship, and use one altar at a time and in order to use a different one you have to go to the npc and switch. It doesn’t stop there though, that upgraded altar you were using for the first god? Destroyed. You can serve only one god at a time and if you want to switch and switch back you’ll be rebuilding. (This is directed towards you in the frozen north, all the altars to all the gods upgrades all the way, I am the naked old man you found in your compound dead from food poisoning because I scaled your walls and ate everything in sight, your honey was delicious). Lol seriously though I feel that makes more sense, I don’t think Mitra would be ok will you seeing Set on the side.

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Now see I like your approach at least you kept it optimistic. Ok so the kin system maybe went a tad far and I will agree that non linear gameplay is where this game shines. So Im curious is there a max number of thralls recruitable? Im new to survivor games.


There’s no limits to anything besides imagination and FPS lol. The problem is thralls are placeables, not followers. They are living furniture

Truth hurts, so I’m not surprised by your aggressive response. My suggestion still stands, go outside and find a girl or guy, or whatever you’re into. Anything besides an NPC. Aim higher, just trying to help.

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No your not youre just being an ■■■ bro. I already have both versions anyway. You on the other hand are probably a damn virgin. Most people who dont actually have a gf ever usually are the types that like to give others a hard time over stuff like this. You dont want it just say that and stfu its that simple…

Wow, what a backhanded comment. “I’m not trying to be mean, BUT…” lol.

Numbers 1-5 seemed just fine tbh. Impregnating goes a bit far, but marrying/close relations i’ve actually seen in one or two other games. Good suggestions

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You’re right, I don’t have a girlfriend. I have a wife, I’m married.

Congrats now f’ off.

No need to behave this way, just trying to help.

You still here?

Well clearly, yes.

Just stop talking to me I honestly dont give a damn what you think anymore. So saying anything at this point to me is pointless.