Can we have the Dev Tracker only show posts about SWL please?

Everytime I visit the forums I check the Dev Tracker to see if there’s any important news or developments regarding SWL. Unfortunately the Dev Tracker not only misses some developer posts here but is often full of posts for Conan instead of SWL. Is anyone else bothered by this? If I wanted to know what is going on with Conan, I would visit the Conan forums. Can we please have the Dev Tracker only track posts about SWL?


I believe this is something they looked at back when they launched the forums, but due to the way Discourse does it, it’s not possible/hard to do.

Due to the way group settings work, this is tough to do unless we start using separate accounts for each game. The woes of having community people working across all the games.


That is unfortunate but thank you both for the replies.