Can we have this piece?

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would like too, but it mean we would need the wall piece and a bunch of other piece in order to implement that properly :confused:


The reason we have only the pieces we have now is that all sides of both the square and the triangle are of the same length, so we need only one length of wall. Adding geometric shapes as foundation pieces would require an extra set of walls, ceilings, roofs, etc., which would be a lot of work.


pushing from the outsides to meet in the middle rarely works unless u’ve planned very well. I am just now begging to understand what these pros mean when they say “build from the top down”. (It means you know what will happen with that last ceiling piece before u place your first ground piece)

Glass Construction and More mod is working on a piece like so. Other mods have them as well.


Cant be THAT hard :slight_smile:

To add in another foundation shape requires making all the pieces required to make a building as well … so not only foundation and ceiling tile that in that shape but also (and not limited to): walls, windowed walls, doorways, doors, fence foundations, fences, crenulated walls, ramps, stairs, and all the roof pieces that are needed so you can enclose a building with that shape. (And of course all of these in each type of building material.)
So during development phase they assessed how many pieces each base shape needed to make complete enclosed structures and how complex it is to fit them together. They decided upon what we have now … a square and equilateral triangle … these do not require unique wall/fence/doorway/etc pieces only a greater variety of roof types to fit together as complete buildings.
With additional building shapes, such as a right-angled triangle and isosceles triangle there is the additional issue of one side being a different length than the other(s) and different from the other building blocks so there will be issues snapping them together … leading to yet more pieces being needed to cover the gaps that people will be asking them to fill in …

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Still hoping for 3x3 or 6x6 for easier building. =/

Or Unique foundations of larger size, like those used for houses in North, etc. (but able build on)

Or some with pillars, (so they can be placed in water) You can use pillars now, but they dont have same strength as a square piece. =/

Passed over this topic a few times… and only today did i realize what you were asking for, lol.
Just finally happen notice the small gap. >_>

I rarely use triangles, they almost always never line up in end…

I see what you mean. It is still annoying though :slight_smile:

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