Half wedge building pieces

I don’t know if it’s even possible but I recently attempted to build a semi circle(ish) building but couldn’t get the flat edge. Having a half wedge building piece might have made it work.
Not a massive problem and I still love the game, just an idea.

Remember, anything that has sides of a different length than the equilateral triangle and square would require walls of a different length too. And probably ceiling pieces on the top, too. And stairs and ramps to attach to the different length side, etc.

So in effect, the addition of new geometrical shapes would require a huge amount of other new building pieces too, especially if they were added to the DLC styles too.

And remember, even if you would be happy with just the foundation piece, there are always people who can get a free 20-dollar note and they’d complain that it’s not a 50. What I mean is, the next person would come on to these forums and ask why we don’t have wall/ramp/ceiling/stair/etc. pieces to go with the new foundation block.


It was a fairly elegant building system they created, wasn’t it? By using the wall size as the standard unit of measure for all building pieces. Though limited, it allows for a much more robust building design than most other games.


And not entirely without merit either, to be fair.

It was indeed. Hexagons are my favorite geometric shape by far* - and it’s the same principle that make hexagons so good for grid-based, distance-matters game systems.

*and how much of a nerd am I that I have a favorite geometric shape eh?


Yeah, the hexagon gaming board is by far the most intuitive without it getting chaotic.

You, sir, are a bee.

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