Can we please discuss the weight on a stack of potions?

20 potions weighs 50 … and a stack of hardened brick weighs 13 … The weight on potions seems a bit on the drastic side, so much so that it’s not even really reasonable to carry them with you.

I think that they weigh so much so ppl can’t carry loads of them, (although they already do with high encumbrance).

In fact, other itens should be way heavier aswell, like Explosive Jars, it should be something to be transported by a caravan, its too easy for someone to carry enough and wipe a medium size base.

Well, that’s simply silly. If you go out and do the work needed to be able to make them (and it is work) then you should be able to use them. If they don’t want people to use them, just take them out of the game, to me, that makes more sense than … “Here you go, your Alchemist can make these potions that enhance your performance, BUT, a single stack weighs more than all the brick to build a medium sized building.” Ugh.

I agree with this. I think its fine having the potions weigh more than brick as when i build i don’t want to feel like its a chore to carry and create all the building parts as it takes a long time.

But explosive jars really do need to be heavier as they are devastating.

My issue was never with explosive jars being heavy, however, at full encumbrance does it really matter? My issue is with the idea that a potion that is made with dust and flowers weighing more than building materials.

You have to think about how the potion affect gameplay, forget the realism factor for this and take balance in consideration.

As I said, if you don’t want them used, just take them from the game, dangling carrots is annoying, especially when you work for said carrots by travelling around the map to places that aren’t very friendly.

That’s what makes it fun though. I love that I not only have reasons to collect those ingredients needed but have to find them and fight for them. It can feel annoying that they are heavy at times but it is also fun to work around that issues and manage your weight and other items.

I had one moment where I decided they were too heavy for what I was planning to do so only took 4 aloe potions. I ended up on an epic adventure and found I had to really manage when to use them. It added to the survival experience.
If they were lite then I could have had so many that the game would be too easy.

I think the balance is just right in this game.


The posts so far react as if the potions are game breaking in their use. They are not. I am level 60, I am full encumbrance, I can carry them regardless of their weight, they simply allow me to redistribute my points a little better, but they are hardly broken. It’s not like explosives (that can be devastating) where the encumbrance is understandable from the viewpoint that one would have to travel more cautiously because, well, one would not want to go… BOOM!

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