Potions Weight - Too heavy?

1 stack potions should be so heavy?
With 1 stack of heal and 1 stack of antidotes on lower levels gets a good % of my encumbrance.

Some weapons and armors ok…they are heavy, but why this little flasks?


They don’t want healing in combat to be too easy.
The lighter they are, the more we can carry.

They just made all potions weigh the same, for healing, buffs, whatever.

But since food is better than most potions and a lot lighter, they actually failed in this regard.

I actually only use Set Antidotes to cure alcohol poisoning.

I agree these items are way too heavy. It is the same for Ambrosia. Adding weight to an item is not the proper way to balance them.

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there is other ways to do this better, as on other topic someone saids could add a cooldown to healing pots

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Yeah that’s true, they could do that. I saw a few good suggestions on the matter.
Such as making subsequent potions less effective until a certain duration has passed.

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Food that doesn’t spoil. I see Ambrosia as a permanent none spoil. It heavy so raiding doesn’t become too easy.

Heavy so raiding doesn’t become too easy. If you build near snakes and other venomous creatures the wild life can be use as a weapon. Having antidotes litht makes venomous creatures less a threat.

Most food spoils. Few that don’t.

The spoil timer is irrelevant as you’re going to be eating it much faster than it decays.

Not unless you’ve been to see Muriela and have a certain proclivity for salty snacks. :wink:

I’m not sure I understand.
Most foods have at least a 1 hour timer, I think even with 50 survival you have to eat more than once per hour, yeah?

I eat stew with a two hour timer.

I was making a funny about trail mix, and once you discover the secret of the salted berries you’ll never have one sit too long anyway. Have you tried Yellow Lotus Soup?

Yes I have. I forgot the stats but I don’t recall it being very good.

Salty foods make you thirsty! I didn’t care for the trail mix.

My food of choice is the Hearty Stew, very easy to gather materials to make hundreds of them quickly.
+100 health, +100 food, +15 water. How much does the Yellow Lotus Soup recover?

Another reason I see the timer as irrelevant is that you can carry twenty-five times as much food as you can potions. Having one per stack decay every 1-2 hours is a trivial price to pay.

Since I’m OG Leveling right now, Encumbrance is a PITA. So I can’t carry 10,000 potions, thus I look high and low for the healthiest options. Plus, if you get slaughtered by a pack of duders, the last thing you want them to take is your potions. Instead leave them a combo of inscrutable health items, and let them pound sand.

My question was whether you’d noticed any additional benefit from Yellow Lotus Soup, as I have not.

Nope, I have not.
From all the foods I tested, Hearty Stew was the best option. But I haven’t tried all of them.
Before I learned to make it, I simply ate roasted haunches that heal 80.

It’s strange how roasting exotic meat yields food that heals 80, yet some of the recipes using it on the stove only heal for 60.